CosFriday – AltF4Cosplay

Photo by @JoshGroom

If you have been anywhere near social media lately, chances are you have seen some of AltF4Cosplay’s spectacular cosplays.  AltF4Cosplay has been responsible for some pretty amazing cosplays lately, including the gorgeous glowing shield that helped her secure a win at the Overwatch Official Cosplay Battle at PaxAus 2019 for TeamVic!

Photo by SLDixon Photography

So let’s get to know the cosplayer behind the shield

What’s your name & how old are you? My name is Stephanie, also known as AltF4Cosplay and I am 28 years old. 

How long have you been cosplaying? I have been cosplaying for approximately 6 years.

What inspired you to start cosplaying? I was inspired to start cosplay after watching videos about Blizzcon, I stumbled across a cosplay music video from 2013 and was amazed by the incredible characters being brought to life. This led to me falling down the cosplay rabbit hole for the next 6 years.

What was your First Cosplay? At this time I was playing a lot of DoTA 2, so I chose my favourite character at the time, Windranger! I took her to a convention and entered my first little competition and took out the novice category win.

What is your most recent cosplay? My most recent cosplay was Shieldmaiden Brigitte from Overwatch for the Official Cosplay Battle here in Australia.

Check out Andy Cam in the background as Bianca Del Rio

What cosplays are you currently working on? I am currently building the Azure Rathalos armour from Monster Hunter World for the world championships in Chicago

Who are your favourite cosplayers in the community? It’s really hard to choose
a few! Everyone is really talented and incredibly supportive. Just a few of my favourite cosplayers in the Australian community are 5novcreations, badge3d_ and AndyCam!

Who else do you want to cosplay? I have always wanted to build Jim Raynors Mech suit from Starcraft, once I gain enough experience I will certainly attempt it!

Tell us an odd fact about yourself! An odd fact about me is that i used to be a qualified surf lifesaver! Not that I go anywhere near the beach anymore, but when I did I patrolled the shores and kept them safe.

If you want to see more of AltF4Cosplay’s (including progress of her new builds) you can follow her on Facebook, Twitch and Instagram! Want to be featured in a future cosplay spotlight? Follow us on Instagram and slide into our DMs