CosFriday – Pax Aus 2019 Edition


Welcome to CosFriday! We have something super special for you this week – a Pax Aus 2019 edition!

1PAX Edition CosFriday

Super Mario Brothers Cosplayer @Pipikapiqq Photographer @dappercranium

For anyone who has ever experienced the chaos of Pax, you know it is impossible to see everyone.  Below are a few of our favourite cosplayer (who stayed still for 5 minutes so we could chase them down!).

First things first, we love seeing the unexpected so you can imagine our reaction when we saw @Pikapiqq as the Pirahna Plant from Super Mario Brothers! 

2Professor Oak

Cosplayer – Unknown Photograph by @Clarebear.Cos

Another highlight was this Professor Oak, complete with the three starter Pokemon.  He also had a Pikachu hidden in a net under the table.  Sadly, he was fresh out of our favourite – Eevee.  (P.S. He ran away when he found out yours truly cosplays Jesse and Sabrina the Psychic Gym Leader, so please contact us so we can credit him.

3How to Train Your Cosplay


We snapped this cute little Toothless wandering around the main hall. What a good dragon? We even got a pat!

4Legends, Leagues and Monsters

Of course, there were plenty of cosplays from your favourite games, including Overwatch, League of Legends, Monster Hunter, Persona 5, and Bayonetta! These cosplays are incredibly detailed and we certainly appreciate the countless hours it would have taken to put them together.

First up is this amazing League of Legends group we snapped near the booth.

5Ready Player One

Featured @jessk_cosplay Photo by @kylegoonphotography

Below is a beautiful handmade Bayonetta Cosplay.  You can’t see the shoes, but trust us – they were everything.


Reaper @Jakesnakes_cosplay Baihu Genji @izzyforge

Overwatch cosplay was still going strong with these two amazing cosplays as Reaper and Baihu Genji.  If only you could see the detail on Reaper’s gloves! 

72 Player

Arsene and Justine @legendaryelf Caroline @Clarebear.cosThere was a lot of love for Persona 5 this year.  Below are the twin wardens of the Velvet Room, Caroline and Justine, and Arsene.

8Champion Edition

Cosplay by @altf4cosplay Photo by @joshgroom

And last but not least…

Congratulations to @Altf4Cosplay for winning the Overwatch Cosplay Championship for #TeamVic!

Did we miss anyone or need to be tagged? Want to be featured in an upcoming CosFriday? Drop us a message or slide into our DMs