She-Hulk, Moon Knight and Ms Marvel join the MCU at D23 over the weekend


In case you didn’t know the annual Comic-Con but exclusively Disney, D23 happened over the weekend. And while we were all secretly hoping for a resolution to the Spider-Man/Sony/Disney madness of last week (we are still hoping that Spidey will stay in the MCU) there was still a metric ton of new announcements for Phase 4.

Following on from their SDCC announcements Marvel had a much shorter panel at D23 with only 20 minutes vs the hour at SDCC but they definitely made those moments count. While the completely expected Black Panther 2 was announced (still leaving Captain Marvel 2) as a feature film, this weekend was all about Disney+.

Not to be outdone by Star Wars and the Mandalorian trailer, Marvel made 3 big announcements for the new Streaming service to go along with the already announced Loki, Falcon/Winter Soldier and Vision/Scarlet Witch series.

  • She-Hulk – Bruce Banner’s Lawyer cousin is getting a series thanks to Disney+. While only a title card with casting no doubt still happening in the background it is interesting to see a Hulk based series but with Universal still holding the rights to any Hulk based films, heading to the small screen is no doubt a smart play. No word on where the series will pick up but if we had a vote we would hope for it being based on Dan Slott’s amazing She-Hulk run.
  • Ms. Marvel – More than a little requested going into Captain Marvel and no doubt due to the success on the big screen, G Willow Wilson’s Kamala Khan will have her own Disney+ series. You don’t need to be a big Captain Marvel fan to be hyped for this one with the fanfic writer turned Inhuman superhero being one of our favourite recent comic series and well worth picking up.
  • Moon Knight – And finally by far one of the more popular fan requests will finally join the MCU. While we can hold on hope for John Wick/Keanu Reeves to play the man in white, the multiple personalities of Marc Spector will be getting his own Disney+ series. Will this feature a cross over with the new MCU Blade who has yet to be announced for any series or films? We will just have to wait for more details to find out.

While details are few with only a title card shown without any dates we can expect the series to show up sometime before the end of Phase 4 (which we currently expect to be in 2022 with some form of Avengers-style team-up film like previous Phases). We expect each of the series will be live-action and exclusive to Disney+ which will be coming to Australia, launching a week after the US which is currently on track for November 12th. We also expect that each of these series will drop an episode at a time like the Mandalorian release, in a mini-series type format (similar to the Marvel Netflix shows).

With the rise of Disney+, we are seeing more than half the Phase 4 slate being on streaming with only really a handful of films announced. While it might be possible that Phase 4 will be the shortest phase for any films we are still holding out for a few more Fantastic or Uncanny films to be added to the line-up.

Until then, there are still a few more Comic-Cons and D23’s before we get to 2022.