What’s On: Aug 14 – 20


Science week ends with Robotronica in Brisbane with added Robowars, board the Infinity Train on STAN and Harley Quinn in a Tarantino movie. And that’s just our short list of stuff to look forward to this week. Here is your guide to Everything happening this week in Geek across Australia.

1On Streaming/TV

Looking for something new on Streaming this week? While it might have dropped just before Wednesday we have to tell you about the new Infinity Train from Cartoon Network that is now available on STAN. It follows Tulip who jumped on a never-ending train and is trying to get to the end with her depressed robot companion. Think Snowpiercer, with Video Games and a bit of Hitchhikers Guide thrown in. All 13 episode of the first season is up right now for binging

That’s not all in streaming with the return of Invader Zim finally here. This Friday on Netflix you can catch Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus for the long awaited continuation of the adventures of Zim. We are completely on board for anything that gets us more Gir.

2In Cinemas

In Cinemas this week we get something new with the ninth film from Quentin Tarantino. Set in fictional Hollywood of 1969 it has your Brad Pitt/Leonardo DiCaprio team up with just a little Margo Robbie mixed in. It’s in cinemas across Australia this Thursday.

3Stuff To Go Do

Starting your week off Adelaide becomes the mecca for Australia’s Brony’s with AliCon 2019 happening this weekend. This is the largest annual My Little Pony Festival in all of Australia and it is on this weekend if you can get to Adelaide. It’s ok, this is a safe space.

Jumping over to Melbourne for some Indie Comics action this weekend with the Homecooked Festival. One of the big Indie comic events happening annually this weekend head to the Northcote Town Hall to find your next favourite local comic.

And finally in Brisbane ‘Science Week’ ends on a high with Robotronica on this weekend at QUT. Basically, everything robots and if that isn’t enough for you there is also a Robowars event with limited tickets available for the 4 sessions running this Sunday. Check out our previous Build Log feature with one of the Robot Builders from the league.

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