Microsoft’s All-Digital Xbox One S gets an Australian Price and Release Date


We have long since known the future of gaming will be full digital with no physical media support at all. And while we might be happy to be limited to only installing from the app/play store on our phones the console market has yet to make the jump… until now.

While the announcement got mixed in with our SDCC news, Xbox Australia yesterday announced the new all-digital Xbox One S is now available for pre-order in Australia. Announced officially way back in E3 this year (it seems so long ago) the new Xbox has a price and release date for Australia.

For just $349 AUD you can get your hands on the latest Xbox when it drops on August 1st… that’s next week! For that price, you get a 1TB disk driveless Xbox One S which is about $30 less than it’s disk enabled sibling plus download codes for Minecraft, Forza Horizon 3, and Sea of Thieves.

We have made a personal choice to go without physical media on our current PS4 and will say the amount of space saved is enormous. The only downside is the cost of digital editions seldom get the level of discounts the physical copy you might pick up at your local JB Hifi, but even that might not be enough to hold you back with Xbox having it’s game subscription service available in Australia.

Regardless, if you are in the need for a new Xbox One S and sick of the sound of a whipper snipper every time you put a disk in this might be for you.