Nintendo Switch Family gets a bit bigger with the Switch Lite


Rumours have been circling for months now on a new Nintendo Switch launching. Ranging from a more powerful console to support 4k and compete with the likes of Sony and Xbox to a smaller more portable console, we can finally put all of these to rest however with the announcement of the Nintendo Switch Lite early this morning.

The new Nintendo Switch will support the entire library of the existing Switch (with some restrictions) much like Nintendo’s design approach with the DS line. A slightly smaller console the new Switch is made for portable gaming with the Joycons being permanently attached and not able to be plugged into a big-screen TV via a dock-like it’s a bigger sibling.

While you may think the permanently attached Joycons means no support for tabletop style games this is not the case with the console allowing you to connect your existing (or if you some extra) Joycons. The console also supports a longer battery life than the original Switch given its focus on mobile gaming first in addition to being a tiny bit smaller and lighter from early reports.

The Nintendo Switch Lite will launch in Australia for $329.95 AUD and is planned for release on September 20th this year (well before Christmas) in 3 launch colours plus an extra limited edition Zacian & Zamazenta Edition styled after the upcoming Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield available November 8th.