Movie Review – Stuber


Uber. You know what it is. If you were to explain it to past you, you would say it’s like when you give your mate $10 for petrol for driving you somewhere when you know it’s only probably $1 worth of petrol… except instead of your mate it is a random stranger’s car that you met from the Internet. Past you would then probably assume they would be murdered in the future and start living their life like every day was their last but in the current timeline that is exactly the basis of the new Dave Bautista and Kumail Nanjiani film, Stuber.

There is no denying that Dave Bautista has a pretty awesome career since landing Guardians of the Galaxy. After being cast as the completely literal Drax he threw himself into acting classes and has come out the other side with a string of massive films including Blade Runner, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Infinity War + Endgame and the upcoming Dune 2020 film. While not aiming for an academy award Stuber is a chance for Bautista to flex his comedy muscles that we have seen briefly as Drax in Guardians.

First up, mild Spoiler warning. We usually try not to include these in our reviews but it does happen right at the beginning of the movie, and really you aren’t going to see this film for the investigative twists and turns. But if you want to go in cold just skip to the end.

The short of it is this, Drax/Bautista is a cop whose partner (played by Karen Gillian) is shot leaving him with a vendetta to hunt down his partners killer. Leaving him partner’less and trying to track down the killer for months Drax’s boss tells him that he is out of time and the case is being kicked over to the FBI. This very same day he is also due to have LASIK surgery because he is of course he is, which leaves him near blind for the next 24 hours.

After the surgery, Drax’s daughter (played by Middleman’s Natalie Morales) puts Uber on his phone to help him get to her gallery showing that night. With his case being handed over Drax gets a last-minute hot tip from a source that leads him in a nearly blind state to call on Uber which teams him up with Stu (Kumail).

So in case you hadn’t guessed by now, there are no Skrulls in this film. No Infinity gems or alternate timelines. It is, however, a chance for you to see more Bautista comedy in a fun Buddy cop style film (except one of the cops is an Uber driver). While pretty safe in terms of comedy this is exactly the type of film we need to re-charge our batteries with nothing but big-screen multi-film multi-year shared universe type films coming to their conclusion.

So should you go see it? If you have movie fatigue from all the huge films we have had in a row over the last few weeks/months then Stuber is definitely the cure for you. It is dumb popcorn friendly fun for anyone who wishes Drax had his own standalone movie. If you are looking for something to head out and see without having to re-watch or study up to remember where we left off, or even if you just want to see some Kumail Nanjiani before he enters the MCU in the Eternals, this is the film to see.

Stuber is in Australian Cinemas from July 11