Game on this Christmas with Jumanji: The Next Level Trailer Dropping Overnight


Ok, show of hands. Who was concerned when they first heard that Jumanji was getting a reboot? 1…2… carry the 1… ok so everyone? Now show of hands again, who loved the new non-reboot continuation of Jumanji? Everyone again cool, cool, cool. That is probably why it’s getting a sequel and you are getting it for Christmas.

We have known about the Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle sequel since it was announced almost immediately after the hit first film. While many were on the fence about any proximity to the word reboot for any film that previously had Robin Williams, *looks at Aladdin suspiciously* the combo of Doctor Who/MCU Nebula Karen Gillian, The Rock, Jack Black and Kevin Hart delivered the awesome Christmas action flick with dance fighting we didn’t know we wanted. And overnight a trailer dropped to show we are going to do it all over again.

In case you haven’t seen the first one in short Jumanji that was thrown away at the end of the first movie transformed from a board game to a video game. After being discovered it ended up in a High School basement where it sucked in 4 students in detention for the first film, so a little like Tron but in a Jungle. At the end of the film (spoilers) the game was smashed beyond repair. Except it wasn’t.

You can check out the new trailer for yourself below but we see one of the protagonists from the first film has repaired Jumanji (probably to get himself some of that sweet sweet smolder) and his friends fearing he has been sucked in go after him. And from there, it looks like more of the same and we love it. The official release for Australia is currently set to Boxing Day putting it just after Star Wars: The Last Skywalker’s release but it is perfect for that all day Boxing Day escape after a gruelling Christmas Day. No matter what the release date was, this would definitely be on our watch list.

You can watch the full official trailer below but then tell us what you think. Are you looking forward to more Jumanji? Is Smolder or Dance Fighting the best video game ability? Is Jack Black playing Jack Black in every movie or are we just all really Jack Black deep inside? Tell us in the comments below.

Jumanji: The Next Level hits Australian Cinemas December 26th, Boxing Day, this year