This Week in Games: Jun 10 – 15


It’s E3 Week! There are going to be tons of HUGE announcements this week with no doubt a few surprise drops before the week’s end. In a week of AAA release announcements, we have a stack of Indie titles for you to play. But before we get to the full list, here are your highlights:

Starting your week on Tuesday via Steam is the VR Experience Island of the Dead. An 8-minute title that won the VR category at the Venice Film Festival gives us all sorts of Inception vibes as the world falls apart around you. Oh, did we mention it’s free?

Continuing on to some real gaming is BAYANI! This is a Filipino made fighting game that reminds us more than a little bit reminds us of the NEOGEO King of Fighters. Check it out on Steam on Wednesday.

Sleeping a little too well at night? Ebola is a Survival/Horror like FPS that has you a journalist hunting down how the virus got loose and stop it before many others die. You can pick this up on Thursday, on Steam.

And finish your week with a callback to NES gaming with the 8-bit style brand new title, Blaster Master Zero this Saturday. Switching between top-down and side-scrolling action, defeat the bosses, clear dungeons and upgrade your character as you play in single player or with coop support. It’s out on… Steam.

Honourable Mention: Our honourable mention this week is what you get when you cross a platformer with I Am Bread. Call of Fries has you playing as a single Fry trying to traverse the counter to get into your mouth. And of course, it too is on Steam.

If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

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Six Degrees of Damnation (Steam)
CoderBear (Steam)
Super Friends Party (Steam)
Timeless (Steam)
Duncan and the Wisp (Steam)
Urban Legends: The Dry Body (Steam)

Kingdom Come Deliverance: Royal Edition (PS4/XB1)
Discontinue (Steam VR) (Steam)
Laws of Civilization (Steam)
Rayball (Steam VR)
Chronac (Steam)
Dissolving (Steam)
Herd is Coming (Steam)
The Last Cowboy (Steam)
Cult 2112 (Steam)
The Lar (Steam)
Call of Fries (Steam)
JOY You-I-He 蘭花園 (Steam)
Mister Burnhouse (Steam)
Dive with Sylvia VR (Steam VR)
Changes (Steam)
The cake is surrounded by shackles (Steam)
Vegetarian Alliance | 素食联盟 |Вегетарианский Альянс (Steam)
Tiger Tank 59 Ⅰ Battleship (Steam)
Creation and Conquest:The Future War (Steam)
Lost Region (Steam)
Pumpkin Dog Islands (Steam)
Mushroom Cats (Steam)
30 days to survive (Steam)
1, 2, 3… Bruegel! (Steam VR)
Open Ocean (Steam)
Alienautics (Steam)
Claude Monet – The Water Lily obsession (Steam VR)
The Isle of the Dead (Steam)
Orbitron (Steam)
SpaceEngine (Steam VR)
Transporter Truck Simulator (Steam)
Horizon Shift ’81 (Steam)
Age of Fear: The Undead King GOLD (Steam)

Bepuzzled Kittens Jigsaw Puzzle (Steam)
Zumou Battoru (Steam)
Flux Caves (Steam)
Vegas Slot (Steam)
Voxel Bot (Steam)
Seven Nations (Steam)
Glad Valakas: Cyberban (Steam)
Gamehunt (Steam)
Too White Basketball (Steam)
Space Warfare (Steam)
JoustMania (Steam)
Shattered Lights (Steam VR)
Lost Tales – The Castle Escape (Steam)
Car Transport Simulator (Steam)
BAYANI – Fighting Game (Steam)
Nightmare (Steam)
Scenner (Steam)

2urvive (XB1)
Bertram Fiddle: Episode 2 – A Bleacker Predicklement (XB1)
Warhammer Vermintide 2 Deluxe Edition (PS4/XB1)
Horresco Referens (Steam)
C-War 2 (Steam)
The Scream (Steam)
Kissing Simulator (Steam)
Reflex (Steam)
Marble Partner (Steam)
大老爷 (Steam)
ZIC: Survival (Steam)
Hentai Sudoku (Steam)
Flying Slime! (Steam)
Just N (Steam)
Supremacy 1914 (Steam)
Yumeutsutsu Re:Master / 夢現Re:Master (Steam)
EBOLA (Steam)
Online Simulator (Steam)
Sunshine & Overcast (Steam)
Faith of Fate (Steam)
Depixtion (Steam)
Superstar Hero (Steam)
Sextris Effect (Steam VR)
Dungeon Jump – 地牢跳跃 (Steam)
Gear City Against Chaos (Steam)
The Myth Seekers 2: The Sunken City (Steam VR)

Doodle God: Evolution (XB1)
Hollow (XB1)
Hexologic (XB1)
Tennis World Tour: Roland Garros Edition (PS4/XB1)
Warhammer Chaosbane (PS4/XB1)
The Final Boss (Steam)
Put In – Run Out (Steam)
Cleaner (Steam)
The Final Image (Steam VR)
Escape First 2 (Steam VR)
HeroOfMetal-Episode01 (Steam)
Animal Notes (Steam)
MOK: Super Space Taxi (Steam)
The Expression Amrilato (Steam)
Hotel Giant (Steam)
Woodcutter Simulator 2011 (Steam)
游物语 Travel story (Steam)
HomeWork Is Crazy / 作业疯了 (Steam)
Escape Lala 2 – Retro Point and Click Adventure (Steam)
Plagueworld (Steam)
Ninja Run! (Steam)
Ideology in Friction (Steam)
GOD WARS The Complete Legend (Steam)
下一层的封魔塔 Forever War (Steam)
Partial Control (Steam)

Verlet Swing (XB1)
Sudoku Monster – 49,151 Hardest Puzzles (Steam)
ball fall (Steam)
Conscious Existence – A Journey Within (Steam VR)
Drawing Path (Steam)
Diggerman (Steam)
Astaria (Steam)
Blaster Master Zero (Steam)
Monsters of Kanji (Steam)
Summer Sports Games (Steam)
Blades of Worlds (Steam)
Last Hope Z – VR (Steam VR)
WW2 Zombie Range VR (Steam VR)
VRLab Academy Anatomy VR (Steam)
Gratuitous Animal Massacre (Steam)
Village Feud (Steam)
Templum de Malum (Steam)
Order Up VR (Steam VR)
Age Of Omens (Steam)
Spider shooting bee (Steam)
新巨商 (Steam)
恋爱公寓(My Girl:Love Story) (Steam)
非正式警探 Informal Detective (Steam)
Hexelectric (Steam)
故郷をさがす三姉妹 (Steam)
Project Arrhythmia (Steam)
Slime!!! (Steam)
Ritual: Sorcerer Angel (Steam)