LEGO soon available in the Upside Down with an official Stranger Things Set


In more news about how LEGO is awesome and can do anything the latest in licensed limited sets has just been announced and this time it is going to the Upside Down.

Announced yesterday officially the latest exclusive set from LEGO is a once time production featuring the awesome Netflix series, Stranger Things. Following in the footsteps of Doctor Who, Back to the Future and Voltron to name just a few, the latest set from LEGO Ideas features the house from Stranger Things complete with the ability to flip the set to go to the upside down.

The set coming in at 2287 pieces will be available from (or your favourite LEGO store) from June 1st for a RRP of $349.99 AUD and includes more than a few awesome features. On top of a complete set of Stranger Things Minifigs including Hopper and even Joyce Byers the set also includes a Demogorgon minfig that comes with an ‘open mouth’ accessory that you can put over the existing minifig head.

The set is awesomely detailed including many LEGOfied versions of posters (like SHARK instead of JAWS) and other details from the show but we do love the ‘working’ fairy lights that were used for Wil to communicate from the Upside Down in Season One via a small LEGO spotlight that you can turn on and off.

LEGO has gone all out for this Ideas set and even released a short video promo for it yesterday on the official LEGO YouTube channel.

As mentioned the set will be out in just a few weeks and much like the Doctor Who and other unique sets we expect this to be a limited run. Regardless this is going to be a well-timed exclusive for you to assemble while you binge watch Season 3 which is set for release July 4th if you can wait that long to open this.

Andrew B

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