Movie Review: Detective Pikachu


It’s hard not to like a movie that has Ryan Reynolds in the lead. The actor has had more hits than misses, most notably as the eponymous Deadpool- a phenomenal film success.

Reynolds’ latest adventure is in another, altogether different franchise. Detective Pikachu is based on a spin-off game from the main Pokemon franchise.

You won’t see Ash, Gary, or any of the other familiar characters from the anime series here. Detective Pikachu takes place in Ryme City- in an unknown region. While there are surely a few familiar elements to anyone familiar with the Pokemon franchise, there are also some things that are a bit different. Ryme City is both grittier and funnier than the Pokemon world fans might be familiar with.

The story follows Tim’s encounter with a peculiar Pikachu. The pair team up to uncover the mystery behind Tim’s father’s apparent death. There’s plenty of ups and downs here, and it IS very twisty. Detective Pikachu is nothing short of engaging. There’s a touching story around the spectacle of seeing so many different creatures on the screen, each with their own personality.

So is it worth watching? Whether you can play who’s that Pokémon or not, there’s a good movie for fans and non-fans alike. The Pokémon stars have been realised as never before, with some truly impressive visuals on show. There’s a range of talent on show from the other actors as well, so there’s plenty of things to enjoy.

Story and Characters
Visuals and Effects
Enjoyment Factor
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