MadFest is happening across the country with all the Manga, Anime, Japanese Video Gaming and Pop Culture awesomeness that comes with it. Looking to up your Anime related cosplay game? Maybe this week’s CosFriday featured Cosplayer can help! Say Hi to Maantoa Cosplay!

What’s your name & how old are you? Nom and 28

How long have you been cosplaying? I started at the end of 2011 so just over 7 years now

Photo by Creed Photography

What inspired you to start cosplaying? I wasn’t so much inspired to cosplay, more like I thought it was just the thing you were meant to do at a convention. It was my first time going to one so I figured, might as well commit

What was your First Cosplay? Hitsugaya Toshiro from Bleach! I recently revisited it for a shoot at the snowy mountains. It’s funny looking back now, I thought it was going to be easy but couldn’t do any makeup and even felt uncomfortable with it. Wig styling was laudable. It was a wreck 😀

What is your most recent cosplay? My most recent shoot was Ramuda from Hypnosis Mic! I was lucky enough to shoot at a studio in Malaysia that was all pink! It was so cutesy

Photo by Pireze

What cosplays are you currently working on? I’ve got big plans for My Hero Academia this year. I really want to capture all my favourite moments. So plenty of Deku. A bunch of my favourite shows are getting more seasons this year like Mob Psycho 100 and Bungou Stray Dogs, so have plans for those too!

Who are your favourite cosplayers in the community? Oh, there’s so many. It’s hard to pick. Locally Knitemaya, The Wonyo and Keik Cake Store are my favourite people ever. Internationally, I love seeing work from Shirogane_sama and Pollypwnz, Yuri_pktn, Lennethxvii, Yume and Kitsurie. There’s so many more but for the sake of brevity, that should suffice

Photo by Pireze

Who else do you want to cosplay? Oh so many, but Vash the Stampede is a dream of mine. One day

Tell us an odd fact about yourself! I find myself so boring that I can never really pick something for these kinds of questions. I’m a germaphobe? I collect star wars figures? Is D&D odd?

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