Avengers Endgame Best Easter Egg is [SPOILER]


At the time of writing this Avengers Endgame just hit the #2 slot for the highest earning movie of all time and is still going strong. The movie hitting every feel and no doubt one that we will be watching over and over again from the long time to come, has a TON of easter eggs in it but there is one line in particular that even the most hardcore MCU fan might have missed.

We learnt this last week from UK Twitter user and Twitch streamer Ashbio so all credit goes to him but this is one we couldn’t really share until the spoiler embargo finished today. That being said if you haven’t seen Endgame stop reading now and come back later, and if you have seen Endgame, even with the spoiler embargo being over, spoiling movies for people who haven’t seen them isn’t cool.

Ok, you have been warned.

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So during the movie we see Tony talking to his daughter and she says the line ‘I love you 3000’ which is a great line without any more context but it is a lot more clever than you think. As we mentioned Ashbio worked out that the 3000 actually relates to the total run time of the MCU in minutes which comes in at just under 3000 (2922 minutes from Iron Man to Endgame as per IMDB – we double checked the math). This means that ‘I love you 3000’ is also code for ‘I love you MCU’.

But it doesn’t stop there as there is a slight jab at the DCEU too with Tony later mentioning that Pepper was in the 600-700 range. We double checked the totals for the DCEU from Man of Steel to Shazam which actually comes out to 1006 minutes BUT if we take into consideration when Endgame was no doubt written and take off Shazam and Aquaman we end up with the lower 732. Without a doubt, this is some expert-level trolling and not too surprising given the Russo Bros history of being Reddit users/lurkers.

Endgame might have been the end of the Infinity Saga that started in Captain America with the appearance of the Tesseract, and Phase 3 might officially be ending with Spider-Man: Far from Home in cinemas next month but this does not mean the end of the MCU. Guardians of the Galaxy 3, Doctor Strange 2 and others have already been confirmed with the expectation of Phase 4 being announced at San Diego Comic-Con just after Far from Home.

With the Fox/Disney merger a done deal and the Fantastic Four, X-Men and Deadpool to name a few joining the house of the mouse again, we look forward to talking to you in another 10 years from now about how Reed Richards before defeating Galactus with the Ultimate Nullifier turns to Sue Storm and says “I love you 6000”.