This CosFriday meet the penguin loving, Keyblade welding Cosplayer originally from Tasmania. Let us introduce you to Tessu.

What’s your name & how old are you? My name is Tessu (or Tessa in my civilian disguise) and I’m 32. ✨

How long have you been cosplaying? Forever, haha! I did my very first cosplay in 2006 so that must be 13 years now?! I started off very casual, with lots of help from friends and family. Then as my passion for it grew I was motivated to learn some skills and I’ve been making my own cosplays ever since!

What inspired you to start cosplaying? When my home state Tasmania started up its very first convention, AI-Con in 2006.  I had a vague notion of what cosplay was, and thought it would be a fun thing to try!

So I went along in my very first cosplay ever, and there were some more seasoned cosplayers from the mainland who attended and I was in awe of how incredible they looked!

Photo by Sammitography

They really opened my eyes to the talent and creativity of this hobby and inspired me to improve. ✨

What was your First Cosplay? Oh man,

I did Sakura from Naruto, but only because of the combined efforts of others haha! I had no idea where to start.

My next door neighbour helped me make my dress, I fashioned some truly spectacular and deadly kunai from cardboard and aluminium foil and my Dad bought me my first ever cosplay wig off eBay, bless!

What is your most recent cosplay? I have recently completed Riku from Kingdom Hearts 3, one of my all-time favourite characters who I have cosplayed multiple versions of.

Photo by Sammitography

What cosplays are you currently working on? I’m about 20% of the way through Mermaid Precious, my first Sakizou cosplay!  I love heavily detailed outfits, so I’m keen to really get stuck into it!

Who are your favourite cosplayers in the community? Oof this is a hard question! There are so many people who inspire me, but I really adore people who are open, approachable and better the cosplay community with their kindness and generosity!  Major Sam, Vyecos, Andy Cam, Alycesca, K Cosplay, Shining_kouika, Midori Emerald, Canary_kid, and Kirileecosplay are all so talented, friendly and people who I admire greatly. They’re the kind of people who would be happy to chat with you at a con or online and share their passion and tips with others. ✨

Who else do you want to cosplay? My absolute dream cosplay is Released Claus Haine from Scissors Crown. I think my skills are finally at the point where I think I can do him justice, so I’ll probably start to work on him this year!

Photo by Cameron Weaver

Tell us an odd fact about yourself! When I was six, I lived a whole year of my life as Alice in Wonderland! I was given her dress from a relative, as the Disney movie was my favourite at the time. Once I put that dress I was Alice! I had to wear it every day, my hair had to match hers, and I refused to respond to my own name.

My parents being the saints they are, let live my dream for the better part of a year before they decided it was probably time for Tessa to come back haha! To this day, Alice is still very special to me.

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