The First Look at Aladdin’s CGI Genie will grant your wish for more Genie Memes


We already knew the Live Action adaption cat was well and truly out of the bag for Disney with Beauty and the Beast and the Jungle Book already getting the hand-drawn to CGI treatment. And while we have been distracted by the Lion King soundtrack feels the next live-action film Aladdin has appeared like magic.

We already had some look at the new film thanks to some early character cover pictures which provided a distinctly not-blue Wil Smith taking up the role as Robin William’s Genie. But earlier today Disney released a first good look at the film including a first appearance of the Genie (now blue) that will fulfil every wish you ever had if you wished for more Genie Memes. The 1-minute non-trailer clip doesn’t show much but it does show Aladdin as he enters the Cave of Wonders similar to the animated film. After a small action sequence that was no doubt clipped for time, we get a puff of blue smoke and a genie appears.

And… well you really need to see it for yourself because we are confused about how we should be feeling about this right now. The new film is only three months away so we have no doubt this is just something while the proper trailer is prepared for release and trying not to take away from Captain Marvel or Avengers End Game hype for Disney.

You can watch the full ‘special look’ below and then tell us what you think. Are you hyped for some live action Disney? Will this never take the place of the original while you hold it close to your heart and yell ‘You’re not my real Dad’ at anyone who tries to take its place? How many live-action remakes do you think it will take before we get to Lilo and Stitch? Tell us in the comments below.

Aladdin will be in Australian Cinemas on May 23