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If you have seen any of the Taken movies then you know that Liam Neeson has a very particular set of skills. Now imagine that character again but remove the set of skills and you are halfway to the new film set in the snow-covered mountains outside of Denver, Cold Pursuit.

The US/English adaption of the Norwegian film ‘Kraftidioten’ or In Order of Disappearance is based in the small ski resort town of Keyhoe, just 3 hours outside Denver. Borrowing heavily from the original film the new adaption skips the “R rated murder porn” for a more black comedy approach.

Neeson/Nels Coxman just received the citizen of the year for his role clearing the snow-covered roads in and out of the town when his son is killed by some local drug dealers. Made to look like a heroin overdose in the Weed friendly state of Colorado, Neeson refuses to accept that his son took drugs to the point that causes his marriage to fracture.

When his son’s co-worker who escaped the same fate tells Neeson what actually happened this begins the revenge-fuelled romp of Nels Coxman as he works his way up the Drug Empire like a cross between The Punisher and Mr Plow.

As we mentioned the original film was a lot more murder’y than this new update set against the small ski resort town as Nels working his way up the food chain starts to attract more attention including rival drug cartels and hitmen.

So should you go see it? If you are a fan of films like Fargo or Burn After Reading and anything with Liam Neeson then this definitely has some drawcards for you. This is not a full-on flurry of Liam Neeson revenge action but more the same level that you might expect from a Coen Bros film with it’s Fraiser like intermission cards and subtle humour providing more than one laugh out loud moments.

While we still swelter in this heat it might be a nice time to take a break to some snow-covered mountains, even if they might be littered with turf wars, small children with Stockholm Syndrome and bodies wrapped in chicken wire.

Cold Pursuit is in Australian Cinemas from February 7th

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