Superbowl gives us our next look at Avengers End Game (and some new Captain Marvel + Battle Angel Alita too)


This is not a Tide Ad we really have some new Avengers: End Game footage thanks to the Superbowl happening in the US right now. While not a full-length trailer this 30-second Ad gives us more than enough new footage to be excited about.

You can watch the full “Ad” below but historically we have seen Superbowl Ads as the Silver Surfer to the Galactus of trailers. Seeing how we have already gotten our “Teaser” trailer for End Game maybe another trailer is not too far away (or at least before the April release).

The Avengers was not the only new film to get a new Captain Marvel Ad also dropping as the film goes into high gear with featurettes over the weekend giving plenty of footage. The new trailer doesn’t give us a whole lot of new to what we already know about the film, but it still looks awesome and it’s only a month away.

And lastly, the Superbowl also gave a little more Battle Angel Alita which is releasing this month. Based on the Manga and coming from James Cameron expect this to be big with the new trailer showing more of the non-massive action sequence CGI making it more Avatar and less Speed Racer.

Battle Angel Alita is in Cinemas February 14th with Captain Marvel on the 7th of March and Avengers: End Game on the 24th of April.