What’s On: Jan 30 – Feb 5


Mad Max 40th Anniversary Festival, Star Wars Burlesque and more Fringeworld is just some of the awesomeness happening just for you this week. Here is your guide to Everything happening this week in Geek across Australia.

1On Streaming/TV

If you have Foxtel then switch over to the SyFy channel on Wednesday night for Season 4 of The Magicians. If you haven’t been watching it so far then we aren’t going to lie, there is a steep learning curve jumping in but it is definitely worth it.

2In Cinemas

A short week means a quiet week in Cinemas with no new releases out this week, but if you are still looking for something to watch…

If you are in Melbourne we would be getting ourselves to the Melbourne IMAX for the Blues Brothers rewind screenings this weekend or perhaps even the Harry Potter and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra performance. Sydney-ites may want to check out the Ritz Cinema for a screening of Weekend at Bernies for a guilty pleasure. And if you are in Brisbane the Two Bit Cinema Club at Netherworld returns for 2019 with the Stallone double feature of Demolition Man and Judge Dredd.

3Stuff To Go Do

Even though there isn’t much on the big screen there is plenty go see and do with the Perth Fringe Festival continuing and a host of great things to see including the Great Superhero Debate. And in other states, the touring Star Wars Burlesque is stopping in Adelaide, Canberra and Melbourne to just name a few.

But if you are in Victoria you might want to consider a roadtrip for the 40th Anniversary Festival for the original Mad Max this weekend. This multiday event will even have some of the cast from the original first film in the series.

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