Make Space on your shelf for Space Marines…


Grab your bolters and prepare for war…on your shelf. Games Workshop, in partnership with Funko have announced the first wave of Pop Vinyls on their way.

Know no fear, for the Emperor’s finest are not simple recolours. Featuring four of the most famous Space Marine chapters; Ultramarines, Space Wolves, Dark Angels, and Blood Angels, each pop has its own unique style and armaments. The Ultramarine is a Primaris Intercessor, the Space Wolf is armed with a Power Axe and Bolt Pistol, the Dark Angel Fallen is armed with sword and shield, while the Blood Angel Assault Marine carries a chainsword and flamer pistol.

Each of these sculpts looks pretty impressive. Funko Pop collectors and Warhammer players alike have something to look forward to with these cool new figures. It joins Warhammer 40k Monopoly and Dice Masters as the franchise spreads itself out over multiple platforms.

The announcement doesn’t give us a release date yet, but it does feature renders of each pop. There is also some of the design detail and sketches featured in the announcement here. There isn’t any word on other factions, or if Age of Sigmar will also get the Funko Pop treatment. Stay tuned for more details.

Which chapter of the Emperor’s Finest will you get first? Or will you collect them all?