John Wick vs Everyone in first John Wick 3 Trailer


The first half of this year is looking pretty busy with the new trailer for John Wick Chapter 3 dropping early this morning. And while Chapter 2 gave us a taste of John Wick vs the Assassins Guild this new trailer shows John vs the Guild in all-out war.

If you haven’t seen the previous two John Wick films then shame on you, we can only assume you don’t like Keanu or Puppies, go watch them now. The new film picks up right where Chapter 2 left off with John Wick breaking the Assassin’s Guild code and being made excommunicado. With the second film giving us a taste of the world of the Assassins with the coin system and hotels, the new film looks to jump into the deep end as it’s John vs the World (and honestly after the first two films, we have money on John).

The trailer only shows a few flashes but a lot of the action we saw from teaser images like John Wick on a horse or Motorcycle are shown as action sequences in the new trailer. We also get a brief look of some of the returning players from the last film including Morpheus/Laurence Fishburn in addition to a first look at Holly Berry’s new character (but no sight of a returning Ruby Rose who may be busy in Gotham). But don’t kid yourself this is an action movie and this is an action trailer.

You can check out the full trailer below and tell us what you think. Are you hyped for more John Wick? Are you going to just save yourself time this year and live in the cinemas? Do you know that Parabellum is Latin for ‘Prepare to War’ from the phrase Si vis pacem, para bellum, meaning “If you want peace, prepare for war”? Did John Wick just kill that guy with a book? Tell us in the comments down below.

John Wick Chapter 3 – Parabellum is in Australian Cinemas on May 16th 2019