Star Wars Identities exhibit at the Powerhouse Museum


Star Wars has become one of the most infamous science fiction franchises over the forty-odd years since its debut. With over a dozen films, and half as many tv series, it is also one of the most prolific franchises.

The Powerhouse museum is currently hosting the Star Wars Identities exhibit until June 10th. There’s plenty of time to plan a trip to see the exhibit, whether you’re travelling by Millennium Falcon, Star Destroyer, or Light Rail.

The exhibition boasts 200 Star Wars objects in total. This includes costumes, props, puppets, artworks, and other assorted pieces from across the film franchise.  

The exhibition itself is focused on different identities within the Star Wars universe. The majority of the exhibits are centred around different aspects of a person’s overall identity. Each station focuses on a particular aspect such as ‘culture’ or ‘genetics’ that incorporates real world and Star Wars examples in the presentations.

Before entering the exhibit, you are given an audio piece to listen to the presentations as well as a bracelet that will help build your own Star Wars character. At each of the stations, you will have the option to pick your character’s race and various aspects of their backstory before ultimately choosing the light or dark side of the force.

But your character is not the full extent of the exhibit! There’s a wide selection of pieces from the franchise to enjoy. Whether you want to see some of Padme’s costumes up close, or your favourite droids, or original concept art of Jabba the Hutt, there’s all that and more on show.

The Star Wars Identities exhibit is an enjoyable experience for any fan, no matter how familiar they are with the franchise. There’s a lot of things to see, and it is a fun experience to create your very own Star Wars universe character that you can email to yourself at the end for posterity.

The Star Wars Identities exhibit is running now at the Powerhouse Museum until June 10th. Keep in mind that as the museum closes daily at 5pm, the last entry for the exhibit is 3:30pm. It is best to plan your trip beforehand. Your tickets also covers entry to the rest of the museum. If you head in early, there’s plenty more to see so you can make a day of it. For more details, check out the exhibition page on the Powerhouse Museum website, or check out their instagram if you want to see more.