Doctor Who Twitch Marathon Returns for a Binge January


Miss the massive Doctor Who Marathon on Twitch last year? The huge marathon ran all the episodes of Classic Doctor Who almost every day for nearly 2 months and starting today, it’s back in the most epic binge session you are going to have in 2019.

While new Doctor Who might not be coming back until 2020 Twitch Presents will be playing multiple episodes of classic Doctor Who in order from today until January 26th. Playing at 4:00 AM and 4:00 PM AEST every day you will have MULTIPLE episodes every day to be able to get through the entire pre-NuWho catalogue inside of 3 weeks.

Running through from William Hartnell to Sylvester McCoy (before you have to jump to Netflix for the Paul McGann movie) every episode that made it to TV will be played back to back on the Twitch Presents channel.

When is your favourite episode playing? So glad you asked –

6-Jan An Unearthly Child (4 eps), The Daleks (7 eps), The Edge Of Destruction (2 eps), The Keys Of Marinus (6 eps), The Aztecs (4 eps), The Sensorites (4 eps) PT 1
7-Jan The Sensorites (2 eps) PT 2, Planet Of Giants (3 eps), The Dalek Invasion Of Earth (6 eps), The Rescue (2 eps), The Romans (4 eps), The Web Planet (6 eps), The Space Museum (4 eps)
8-Jan The Chase (6 eps), The Time Meddler (4 eps), The Ark, The Gunfighters (4 eps), The War Machines (4 eps), Tomb Of The Cybermen (4 eps), The Enemy of the World (1 eps) PT 1
9-Jan The Enemy of the World (5 eps) PT 2, The Web Of Fear (6 eps), The Dominators (5 eps), The Mind Robber (5 eps), The Krotons (4 eps), The Seends of Death (2 eps) PT 1
10-Jan The Seends of Death (2 eps) PT 2, The War Games (10 eps), Spearhead From Space (4 eps), The Silurians (7 eps), The Ambassadors Of Death (2 eps) PT 1
11-Jan The Ambassadors Of Death (5 eps) PT 2, Inferno (7 eps), Terror Of The Autons (4 eps), The Mind Of Evil (6 eps), The Claws Of Axos (4 eps), Colony In Space (1 eps) PT 1
12-Jan Colony In Space (5 eps) PT 2, The Daemons (5 eps), The Curse Of Peladon (4 eps), The Sea Devils (6 eps), The Mutants (6 eps), The Time Monster (1 eps) PT 1
13-Jan The Time Monster (5 eps) PT 2, The Three Doctors (4 eps), Carnival Of Monsters (4 eps), Frontier In Space (6 eps), Planet Of The Daleks (6 eps)
14-Jan The Green Death (4 eps), The Time Warrior (4 eps), Invasion Of The Dinosaurs (6 eps), Death To The Daleks (4 eps), The Monster Of Peladon (6 eps), Planet Of The Spiders (3 eps) PT 1
15-Jan Planet Of The Spiders (3 eps) PT 2, Robot (4 eps), The Ark In Space (4 eps), The Sontaran Experiment (2 eps), Genesis of the Daleks (6 eps), Terror Of The Zygons (4 eps)
16-Jan Planet Of Evil (4 eps), Pyramids Of Mars (4 eps), The Android Invasion (4 eps), The Brain Of Morbius (4 eps), The Seeds Of Doom (6 eps), The Masque Of Mandragora (4 eps), The Hand Of Fear (1 eps) PT 1
17-Jan The Hand Of Fear (1 eps) PT 2, The Deadly Assassin (4 eps), The Face Of Evil (4 eps), The Robots Of Death (4 eps), The Talons Of Weng-Chiang (6 eps), Horror of Fang Rock (4 eps), The Invisible Enemy (2 eps) PT 1
18-Jan The Invisible Enemy (2 eps) PT 2, Image Of The Fendahl (4 eps), The Sunmakers (4 eps), Underworld (4 eps), The Invasion Of Time (6 eps), The Ribos Operation (4 eps), The Pirate Planet (3 eps) PT 1
19-Jan The Pirate Planet (3 eps) PT 1, The Stones Of Blood (4 eps), The Androids Of Tara (4 eps), The Power Of Kroll (4 eps), The Armageddon Factor, (6 eps) Destiny Of The Daleks (4 eps), City Of Death (4 eps)
20-Jan The Creature From The Pit (4 eps), Nightmare Of Eden (4 eps), The Horns Of Nimon (4 eps), The Leisure Hive (4 eps), Meglos (4 eps), Full Circle (4 eps), State Of Decay (3 eps) PT 1
21-Jan State Of Decay (3 eps) PT 2, Warriors’ Gate (4 eps), The Keeper Of Traken (4 eps), Logopolis, K9 And Company (1 eps), Castrovalva (4 eps), Four To Doomsday (4 eps), Kinda (4 eps)
22-Jan The Visitation (4 eps), Black Orchid (2 eps), Earthshock (4 eps), Time-Flight (4 eps), Arc Of Infinity (4 eps), Snakedance (4 eps), Mawdryn Undead (4 eps), Terminus, (1 eps) PT 1
23-Jan Terminus, (3 eps) PT 2, Enlightenment (4 eps), The King’s Demons (2 eps), Warriors Of The Deep (4 eps), The Awakening (2 eps), Frontios (4 eps), Planet Of Fire (4 eps), The Caves Of Androzani (4 eps)
24-Jan The Twin Dilemma (4 eps), Attack Of The Cybermen (4 eps), Vengeance On Varos (4 eps), The Mark Of The Rani (4 eps), The Two Doctors (6 eps), Timelash (4 eps)
25-Jan The Trial Of A Time Lord (14 eps), Time And The Rani (4 eps), Paradise Towers (4 eps), Delta And The Bannermen (3 eps), Dragonfire (2 eps) PT 1
26-Jan Dragonfire (1 eps) PT 2, The Happiness Patrol (3 eps), Silver Nemesis (3 eps), The Greatest Show In The Galaxy (4 eps), Battlefield (4 eps), The Curse Of Fenric (4 eps), Survival (3 eps)


The full stream is running right now but your chance to start from the beginning is at 4:00 PM today. If you are a massive Doctor Who fan, or you just were looking for an excuse to binge the classic seasons then get your snacks and TARDIS blanket ready, this is going to be a long one.