Movie Review – Ralph Breaks the Internet


Rest your thumbs and give those calluses you have, from destroying your loved ones in Super Smash Bros over Christmas, time to heal. Our favourite video game character who was also not included in SSB, (in addition to Waluigi) is coming back to the big screen for a sequel.

Before Infinity War was ‘the most ambitious crossover event in history’ there was a little Pixar film from 2012 by the name of Wreck-It Ralph. Set in an Arcade, it introduced a world where all your favourite game characters have lives when you aren’t putting your hard-earned coins in for a play. The first movie followed the ‘Bad Guy’ from the Wreck-It Ralph game, Wreck-It Ralph (it’s right there in the title).

Unfulfilled in his own game for not ever getting to be the Hero, Ralph goes game hopping through the Arcade and finds himself in Sugar Rush (a racing game) where he meets and helps Vanellope von Schweetz. Long story short, Vanellope was a princess who had her game corrupted by some bad code and Ralph helps her win her game thus causing a reset and restoring things to the right order, plus becoming besties.

The latest film picks up a little while after the first with Ralph and Vanellope still friends, playing in their respective games and hanging out each night. Chaos ensues when Vanellope’s game is broken and the Arcade owner does not seem to be able to get the part, thus meaning a potential end to Vanellope’s world. Fortunately, there is eBay and the Arcade just got Wifi.

If you have seen any of the trailers for the new film then, unfortunately, you have seen a lot of it as there is not a lot that hasn’t already been given away. But if you haven’t we don’t intend to spoil it for you but where one of the most special things about the first movie was the crossover of so many video game characters for the first time, the second film ups the ante thanks to an internet connection and access to

While Disney had already acquired Marvel before the previous film was released, it had only just acquired Star Wars in 2012 which meant no Star Wars games in the first movie but that definitely has been rectified in the sequel. Expect Iron Man, Groot (voiced by Vin Diesel), C-3PO (voiced by Anthony Daniels), First Order Troopers but what you should really be looking forward to is the Disney Princesses.

While only a small part of the film, Disney had recast as many of the original Disney Princess voices actresses to play the same characters in what we would call one of the most ambitious crossover events in history, for animation. We are talking Agents of SHIELD’s Ming-Na Wen returning to Mulan, Mandy Moore for Tangled’s Rapunzel, Kristen Bell for Anna in Frozen, even Jodi Benson the original voice for Ariel in the Little Mermaid from the 1989 film!

So should you go see it? Well if you are reading this when we published this review you are reading it on Boxing Day, the best day of the entire calendar for movie releases. A day for you to take a break from the family after a full on Christmas Day and head to some nice cool air conditioning to enjoy a movie or three. In which case, this one is probably already on your list. If you were sold on Ralph 2 from the trailers and in the mood for some Pixar then yeah definitely go watch it. While it doesn’t have the same video game crossover levels of excitement about it there is still definitely a lot here to like as it pokes fun at Internet culture.

Wreck-It-Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet is in Cinemas across Australia on Boxing Day