Movie Review – Halloween (2018)


John Carpenter frightened audiences around the world in 1978 with the release of Halloween. The film went on to spawn a healthy number of sequels, including H20 which retconned the earlier sequels and Halloween (2007)- a remake of the original. The Halloween franchise has also crossed over into novels, comic books, and even a video game.

The latest franchise instalment wipes the slate mostly clean. It is a direct sequel to the original film, retconning everything else. You may want to see the original, or the 2007 remake (or both), but they are not essential viewing. This film can be enjoyed on its own as it explains all of the necessary backstory.

Halloween kicks off by modernising some familiar slasher film tropes. A pair of ‘journalists’ introduce first Michael Myers, and then Laurie Strode, filling in some of the details. However, this time when the psycho killer is inevitably freed to go on a rampage, the protagonist is well prepared.

There’s plenty of tension built up at the start before the film begins to deliver on its slasher film obligations. There’s buckets of blood, some gruesome deaths, and the inevitable thrills in between. That’s not to say that there is no story. David Gordon Green has tied together a solid story behind this slasher flick. The end result is a worthy entry for the fortieth anniversary of the franchise.

So, is it worth seeing? Fans of the original will pick up on the visual nods here and there while seeing Jamie Lee Curtis return as Laurie Strode to stare down her own personal demon. If one of the sequels was your favourite, then you’re going to have a bad time. For anyone fresh to the franchise that likes a good scare, this is well worth a watch.

Halloween (2018) is playing in Australian cinemas now.

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