Win Digital Immortality for your Feline in Minecraft


Instagram… Twitter… Facebook… Reddit… YouTube… we are nearly running out of ways to show that our cat is the best cat on the Internet, until now. Until the 12th of November, you have a chance to immortalise your kitty in a place that it will surely reside far past the death of our Sun – in Minecraft.

Short of constructing a replica Sphinx of your furbaby, Microsoft is giving you the chance to ensure your cat’s likeness will live on through the ages by being added into Minecraft as part of a series of new Cat skins being added to the game. While the majority of the new skins will be defined by Minecraft the last slot is open to the community to submit their cat for digital reproduction that will no doubt eventually be added to the interplanetary network of Minecraft satellites as we colonise the solar system and beyond.

To enter Mr. Tabbykins it is so easy. Take a picture and share it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #Minecraftcatcontest. Then according to the official release, the judges will use these things called “eyes” to “look” at all the entries to narrow them down to a finalist list. The final 3 cats will be then voted by the community between November 12th and 16th before the winning cat overlord is announced.

The update will not happen until next year as part of the ‘Village and Pillage’ update planned but immortality is worth the wait.