Blizzard reveal the first official LEGO/Overwatch set (Which you can buy right now)


Last week we got some news that Overwatch was making the leap to LEGO through teasers on the Blizzard/LEGO social media. While only a teaser and not giving us much to go on it seems the wait was not going to be too long with the first official Blizzard/LEGO set being announced and available today!

The new set is based on Bastion and is a Blizzard exclusive LEGO set only available through the Blizzard store. The set is based on the Omnic Crisis skin and is 12cm tall at only 182 bricks including a Ganymede companion. It is available right now on the Blizzard site only (you will not find it on the LEGO store, at least not yet) and is listed as limited quantities so if you are reading this you probably want to jump over and order one right now.

Being ONLY available through the Blizzard online store which is only in the US/UK does mean a USD pricetag but shipping is available to Australia which brings the price in at $40.60c USD or with the exchange rate right now – $57.46 AUD.

Will this be the only exclusive Blizzard set? The answer is probably based on sales but aiming for a limited run is a great way to test the waters and if this is anything like the LEGO Ideas process there will no doubt be plenty of fan feedback on what set should be next.

But what do you think? Are you going to pick up one of these limited edition LEGO sets? What Overwatch or Blizzard LEGO set would you like to see next? Let us know in the comments down below.

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