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From the Green Lantern Corps to Mutant Empaths in the X-Men, emotion as a raw power source has been something popular in pop culture and comics for decades. In a world of increasing, fear and negativity could a single individual with the ability to absorb the fears of others save everyone? That’s at the centre of the new Australian made film Harmony the Five Frequencies Saga.

Harmony follows, Harmony an empath with the ability to absorb fear, much like Mantis in the Guardians of the Galaxy, Harmony has the ability to calm others through touch but unlike Mantis that touch and calming is due to absorbing the fears of others. The absorbed fear can be washed off by Harmony like an ink or oil but potentially fatal if too much is absorbed.

Stolen from the hospital at birth the lore behind Harmony is that she was born as a counterbalance to the universe which runs on the laws of the emotional spectrum much like the Lanterns. With Fear and Love being the strongest and polar opposites (don’t tell Jordan). While aware of her gifts Harmony lives a life of squatting, randomly helping others without her own well being in mind out of some sort of need.

Harmony is a stand out in being one of the few locally written and made Sci-Fi films we have seen make it to cinemas. With an increase over the last few years, we are hoping that this becomes less uncommon but Harmony has not had the easiest time making it to the box office. Shot in Sydney, the film originally intended for 2017 release was delayed after the death of the lead cast member.

Harmony is definitely in the camp of Young Adult fiction similar to a Hunger Games, The Fifth Wave, Divergent or even Twilight just without the big studio Hollywood budget. Written and structured to be the first chapter the unfortunate circumstances after the film’s release it is unsure what the next step of the story but it will probably be dictated by how it is received after release.

So should you go see it? The concept of the emotional spectrum as we mentioned is a great hook with the idea of this central empath, not 100% sure of her powers or what they can do. There is a lot of things left open in this film which we hope will be expanded on in the next chapter which no doubt aims to be bigger than the first. If young adult style films are your jam then Harmony might have a special place in your watch list, if not that is ok too.

Harmony is in limited release for Australian cinemas October 4th.

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