The Dark Pheonix Trailer is here


While in most cases Reboot is a word that invokes fear and hate, the X-Men franchise has managed to reboot itself in a way to not only maintain and improve itself since First Class and the time correcting sequel (and possibly one of the best X-Men movies) Days of Future Past. And now, time is almost about to loop back on itself with the latest trailer for the new film due in cinemas next year – Dark Phoenix.

We say loop back on itself as (much like Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel) the rebooted X-Franchise has already restarted itself jumping from the 60s in First Class, then 70s, then 80s in Apocalypse and the new film Dark Phoenix takes us to the 90’s – one decade before the first X-Men film. Unsurprisingly the latest film looks to step away from the X-Men 3 Phoenix saga and make it’s own under the new timeline. While we do not expect to see much of Shi’ar (alien race, worshipers of the Phoenix god) there is definitely some space stuff happening and we are definitely looking forward to the next trailer to fill in some more gaps before the release date in February next year putting it ahead of the delayed other X-Men horror film New Mutants.

But enough of us you came for the trailer that you can check out below and then head to the comments to tell us what you think. Are you excited for a new take on the Dark Phoenix saga? Are you enjoying the new X-Men timeline? Do you think that this will mark the end of the X-Men before they are folded into the MCU as the X-Men have been recently named to be falling under Kevin Feige in the future? Tell us in the comments below.

Dark Phoenix is currently scheduled for Australian release on February 7th, 2019.