Captain Marvel’s First Trailer hits the Internets


We got goosebumps when Fury pulled out that pager to call in the big guns at the end of Infinity War when all looked lost but come next March our best hope will be introduced to the MCU and overnight we got our first look.

We already knew that the future of the MCU was more cosmic (despite GoTG3 being placed on hold). Only a few weeks ago we got our first official look at Captain Marvel with Kree and Skrulls alongside more than one of Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel uniforms but that definitely did not prepare us for this.

We already knew that much like Wonder Woman Captain Marvel was going to take us back in time, set in the 90s well before Infinity War Part II (and the collapse of Blockbuster) with a de-aged Coulson and Fury but that is about all we know with the official trailer leaving us more questions than answers which we think might be more of a hint as to the plot, and we love it.

You can watch the full trailer below and then head to the comments to tell us what you think? Are you hyped for Captain Marvel? Are you hoping for a cameo of her cat Chewie? Are you looking for a Marvel that is classic, DeCormick era or more current?

Captain Marvel lands in Australian cinemas on March 7, 2019