Movie Review – The Predator


The hunt continues in the latest instalment of the Predator franchise. The fourth standalone entry (sixth counting AVP) has premiered on Australian screens, and it’s probably time to be afraid.

Possible spoilers below. If you’ve never heard of a ‘Predator’ before, now is a good time to get to the chopper and take a crash course in xenohistory.

This movie takes place in contemporary America, following events from the first and second films. There are some very bad people who are very well aware of the existence of the eponymous antagonists, and are very excited by the prospect of events that unfold in the movie. It is unclear if or how Predators or the Alien Vs. Predator franchise fits in to this film’s narrative. None of the previous films are essential viewing, but some knowledge will enhance the experience. The Predator mostly stands on its own merits.

There’s plenty of action happening throughout the film from the opening scene all the way up to the last. There’s also a decent offering of Predator tech on display. It’s a pretty cool adventure to watch, with some flashy tech, things that go boom, and some blood and guts of course. They don’t call them Predators for nothing after all. Although there is some debate about the accuracy of the Predator title against its coolness. Whatever the case, the audience is entertained.

Our own technology has come a long way since the original film was made, and it has allowed for some more impressive options. Everything from the humble cloaking device effect to the Predators themselves are top notch. Fans of the series should enjoy the upgrades from Yautja Prime, while novitiates will see just how cool it is to be a Predator. There are a number of impressive visuals to see.

The cast is a bit more varied than previous films. One significant supporting role is an autistic child, a great performance from Jacob Tremblay. Gone are the macho soldiers from the films, these people have problems. The scientist is no shrinking violet. The characters feel different enough to the other Predator movies and each other.

This latest instalment offers a fun action adventure ride. Film historians might notice that a team of soldiers facing an alien threat is something that has happened before. However, The Predator is different enough to be refreshing.

The Predator is now showing in cinemas nationwide.