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Somewhere between when Paul Dini helped Batman put on a cape and Robin swearing at Batman as part of the upcoming Titans TV series we were treated to one of the best B-List superhero animated series ever to grace our small screens. In 2003 former Batman sidekick Robin was given his own show along with Starfire, Beast Boy, Cyborg and Raven giving us 5 seasons of unbridled Teen Titans joy.

While the series ended after what feels like a very short run of 65 episodes (and a movie) there were some cliffhanger/unresolved plot points. Fast forward 8 years later and the Teen Titans were returned to us in a newer more even younger demographic friendly Teen Titans Go! The new series taking elements from the original with a return of the original voice actors was based on the ‘inner’ cartoon version of the Titans that appeared occasionally in the original cartoon. Sort of like the Devil/Angel you see sitting on the shoulders of a Looney Tunes but more for exposition sake.

Now with 5 seasons of the more cartoon’y version of the Titans aired and over 214 episodes the only thing left now is a movie which brings us to Teen Titans Go to the Movies (or TTGttM just to make things easier).

Firstly you don’t need to have binge-watched the entirety of Teen Titans Go to enjoy or follow TTGttM, you don’t even need to do it to know who the characters are (there is a handy introduction song early in the film), but to give you the cliff notes. The Teen Titans are made up of former Batman sidekick Robin, alien Princess Starfire, animal changeling Beast Boy, Cyborg… a cyborg and Raven the half demon spawn from another dimension. Together they protect Jump City from various villainy but more often in Teen Titans Go get into comical adventures.

TTGttM’s the Titans having learnt that Batman’s Butler Alfred is getting his own movie and a brief chat with Superman (voiced by Nicolas Cage, yes Nicolas Cage is playing Superman) before they are they decide that the only way they will be taken seriously as real heroes if they have their own movie. This at it’s core is the main plot of the movie as various hijinx and obstacles need to be overcome to have this happen. The largest obstacle being the Titans comic nemesis, Deathstroke voiced by Bojack Horseman/LEGO Batman Will Arnett.

This is about all you need to go into the film if you have never seen the series but if you have really never seen the series you need to know this is definitely a comedy. If Nicolas Cage playing Superman was not enough of a hint for you the Animaniacs reference to obscure appearances of characters like Detective Chimp to Gene Hackman’s Lex Luthor, while this movie may be aimed for kids it definitely has tons in it for any hardcore DC Comics fan. 

So should you go see it? Well that depends, on one hand it is an animated movie following the style of the Teen Titans Go series which does not lend itself to a lot of big screen cinematic moments. But on the other hand TTGttM is crammed with more DC Comics (and Comic in general) references and humour than any other movie you are likely to see, so a definitely must for any DC fan who started with the comics (even if just for the Batgirl short before the feature) plus if there is one thing that DC does better than it’s competition it’s animated movies.

Teen Titans Go to the Movies is in cinemas right now across Australia.

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