Creator Spotlight: 5 Questions with Andrew from Brief Battles

Part Worms. Part Super Smash Bros, the new game Brief Battles is the most fun you can have battling your friends in magical underpants and this week the Brief Battles team. So take 5 with Andrew from Juicy Cupcake the development house behind Brief Battles to learn more

What are you playing/watching right now? I’m playing mostly card games lately, with favorites being Control and Campy Creatures by Keymaster Games – super easy and high quality games to pick up. I’ve been watching rather than reading, currently rotating between Better Call Saul and Voltron.

What is Brief Battles? Why is it important? Brief Battles is a party game that’s all about battling your buddies using super powered undies.

You’ll play as one of six cute, wobbly characters – using your sticky nub-hands to climb just about any flat surface to try and outmaneuver your friends in game to prove who has the mightiest buns.

The core gameplay is competitive arena local multiplayer for 2-4 players. We’ve got some classic battle modes of course, but there’s also underwear-themed modes that provoke some hilarious gameplay! Our plan was to create multiplayer modes that are worth your time outside the core, chaotic battle experience. Based on showcase and closed beta feedback so far, we think we’ve achieved that.

When you’re not playing Brief Battles with friends, you can take on solo challenges and battle cute-creepy creatures and bosses either alone or with a friend.

A heap of effort has been put into making sure Brief Battles appeals to casual and hardcore players, while being accessible for anyone getting their kids into games as family – for a new generation of gamer-parents and kids.

There’s been two of us making Brief Battles for two and half years part-time based off of our favourite game jam idea. It’s been announced for release on Xbox One and PC, and we’re wrapping development up soon before dropping a release date.

Apart from your game what should everyone be looking out for in local Australian Pop Culture? Oh man, there are too many great indie games to name drop in one answer. One game I’m really pumped for is Boomerang Fu by Paul Kopetko – a party game where you play as food, and use a boomerang to slice and dice your friends.

It was fantastic at PAX Aus last year, and now it’s looking even juicer with a great art collab from the artist behind The Adventure Pals.

Major prediction for Pop Culture 12 months from now? We’ll probably see Battle Royale games evolve over the next year to stay current, though I feel the Battle Royale trend will start to slow down a bit 12 months from now, and we’ll likely see some new innovation in place of BR.

Best last thing you ate? Boneless buffalo wings

And that’s 5! Brief Battles is incoming soon but while you wait add it to your wish list on Steam, follow Juicy CupCake on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Instagram and get notified when the upcoming playable demo drops (it’s not too far away, you should do it).