Catch them all next week when Twitch Marathon’s all 932 Pokemon Episodes


We have had Bob Ross, the Power Rangers and classic Doctor Who only just finishing up their epic Twitch marathons. If you were looking forward to sleep think again as Pokemon is next to get the Twitch Marathon treatment.

Starting at 3 AM AEST on Monday the Twitch Presents channel will be streaming all 932 Pokemon episodes on Monday through to Thursday with re-runs on Friday/Saturday on the Twitch Presents 2 channel. This epic marathon might be the longest ever with episodes planned to run for the next 10 months.

But what about the Pokemon movies I hear you ask? They are also going to be part of the marathon with Sundays being reserved for a Pokemon movie screening every week on the main channel.

The channels will also have a Pokemon extension running in chat which means random Pokemon may show up during the stream letting you catch them and up your points total against other fans. Which means you will actually be able to catch them all.

The stream starts Monday morning at 3 AM Australian Eastern Standard Time.