Lobot finally gets the LEGO Cloud City Set he deserves


LEGO have been pumping out big sets pretty hard the last few months, with the Master Series Millennium Falcon, Voltron and Hogwarts all out in time for you to drop hints about until Christmas you can now add one more set to your letter to Santa. Cloud City.

The latest set from LEGO might not be a complete Cloud City structure in the sky but this massive play set is only rivalled by the Falcon for the number of scenes from Star Wars you can re-enact in it. The open top new build from LEGO includes all the iconic areas from Empire Strikes Back from the dining hall where Vader is revealed to the Carbon Freeze Chamber this set will let you do your own shot by shot of almost all of the scenes from the movie (even where Luke get’s his hand cut off).

The set also includes a huge number of figures such as Lobot of course in addition to Lando, Vader, Han, Leia, Chewbacca, Luke and even an IG-88 plus Boba Fett. Speaking of Boba Fett the set also includes a landing pad for Slave-1 with Slave-1 + a Cloud Car also part of the build. While not as large as the previously released Slave-1 this is in scale for the Cloud City play set.

The full set will be out on October 1st for Australia with LEGO VIP members being able to get it much much earlier on September 13th. The 2812 piece addition to the Master Builder series has a RRP of $499.95 AUD and is available for order now on the online LEGO store.