Valve to Release a TCG as it’s first new Game Release in over 5 Years


While not new news as it was announced earlier this year the first new game from Valve since DOTA2 in 2013 just got a definitive release date and it’s November.

Artifact will be the first new game from Valve (makers of Half-Life, Portal, etc) in some time with the last title released by the distributor through Steam being a collection of VR mini-games in 2016 at the cusp of VR becoming more accessible. Not Half-Life 3
(or even Half-Life: Episode 3) the new game is definitely a slight departure from the FPS of previous Valve titles going the Trading Card Game path similar to Blizzard’s Hearthstone or the Witcher based Gwent.

Developed with Richard Garfield the creator of Magic: The Gathering, Valve is definitely not messing around when it comes to aiming to be the best. The new fantasy based game will feature 280 cards with 44 heroes when it releases for PC this year and mobile devices in 2019. The most interesting part will be Valve’s online Community Marketplace allowing players to buy and sell cards which could go either way.

The new game will retail for $19.95 USD when it is available for purchase through Steam but right now the listing is up for you to obsess over or bookmark waiting for the eventual Steam sale. Expect more details in the coming weeks as the game goes hands on at PAX West at the end of August (no details if it will be coming to PAX AUS) before it is due for release on November 29.