Movie Review – Mission Impossible: Fallout


There are few theme songs as recognisable as the Mission Impossible theme, from it’s very first jump from TV to the big screen in 1996 (yes 22 years ago) that big percussion sound does not fail to hype us up. So now on it’s 6th instalment of the franchise does the latest addition live up to it’s epic soundtrack?

First up we have to give you a recap so you know what you are walking into, while Mission Impossible does not have the intricate web that the MCU has there are still some parts you might need to know (or be that person in the cinema who asks their friend “who’s that?”). While these could be considered spoilers we are talking about a franchise that did start in the mid 90’s so we are probably well past the statue of limitations on spoilers.

If you aren’t familiar Mission Impossible centres around the American version of James Bond, the IMF (Impossible Mission Force). A secret group working for the US Government who often will take on missions considered impossible with plans that would make Hannibal Smith think they are far fetched. In the first film a elite IMF team who included Ethan Hunt/Tom Cruise was presumed dead with a list of undercover agents being lost and Ethan Hunt being disavowed as he was suspected of stealing the list.

He of course retrieved the list and we skip ahead past the events of Mission Impossible 2 (the John Woo one shot in Australia) to Mission Impossible 3 where Ethan Hunt ends up getting married in his cover life with his non-spy Wife being kidnapped and of course saved by Hunt. This is important as we enter Mission Impossible 4/Ghost Protocol where Hunt has faked his Wife’s death to keep her safe and the mission is to clear the IMF’s name (again) after they are framed for bombing the Kremlin and Hunt being disavowed.

After clearing the IMF again, in Mission Impossible 5/Rogue Nation, Hunt is on the run being hunted by the government as Hunt is also going after a sort of “anti-IMF” group called the Syndicate. While you don’t really need to have seen all of the Mission Impossible movies the most recent ones (past MI:3) have definitely followed each other with the only real reference to the initial 3 movies being Hunt’s Wife and some repeating characters.

This brings you up to speed for Mission Impossible: Fallout which could be considered the final in a second Mission Impossible Trilogy with the events of the last movie setting up the premise of the new film. The new Mission Impossible sets the stage with weaponized nuclear materials being stolen early in the film from under the IMF, with the team’s history Hunt is teamed with CIA operative (Occasional Superman and definitely reminds you of that in this film) Henry Cavil.

Coming in at 2 hours and 28 minutes (the longest in the franchise, beating Ghost Protocol clearly thanks to Cavil’s moustache that was famously CGI’d out for Justice Leage reshoots) this film is not short on action. Mission Impossible films are famous for Cruise’s insistence on doing his own stunts and the completely over the top stunts that are involved, so of course the new film is no different.

What is a little different from the previous films is the amount of panoramic type shots which give the film a feeling of scale not seen in previous. This is thanks to this instalment being also shot for IMAX and it was definitely worth it with gorgeous vistas and panning shots definitely making seeing this in an IMAX cinema worthwhile.

So should you go see it? There are not a lot of TV Show to Movie jump success stories but Mission Impossible is definitely one of them. If you saw the previous two Mission Impossible films then this is definitely on your must see list improving on everything and with the shooting for IMAX just making it that much bigger. If anything the level of action in the new film surpasses the previous and definitely cements the way for more MI films in the future (and if they are this good, we are OK with that).

Mission Impossible: Fallout is in cinemas across Australia from today