Kano announce an Official Harry Potter licensed Programmable Wand


Making magic wands is not new territory with makers all over the world hacking together their own Arduino based solutions for wizard duels and home control to make their life just a little more magical. Now thanks to KANO STEM and Harry Potter combine with pre-orders for you to make your own programmable Harry Potter style wand.

KANO are not new to the STEM field being well known as makers of the KANO build your own PC using a Raspberry Pi and provided KANO components for kids to learn more about how computers work and as a gateway into entry level development with things like Scratch. Building on this approach a the new officially licensed Harry Potter hardware kit announced last night will let you develop your own code to be used in tandem with your very own sensor packed Wizard Wand.

Available online right now for preorder later this year, saving you a trip to Ollivanders’, the wand uses a variety of accelerators, a gyroscope, a magnetometer, LEDs and rumble motors in a sleek wand running of 2xAAA batteries for about 9 hours of use. With the accompanying pack you also get a guide to help you through the 70+ step by step challenges (which earn stickers as you complete) before you hopefully start going off road and build your own gesture based spells. The software will work across PC, Mac and Android in addition to the KANO PC OS.

The sensor packed Wand does not include a microphone so naming your spells is not a factor but working in conjuction with a PC we are sure there will no doubt be a way to make this happen for advanced users. You can watch the announcement video below to give you a little more idea as to what is possible with the kit out of the box.

The Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit is available for preorder now at $99 USD + shipping to Australia and is due to start shipping from October 1st and will be available at selected retailers (National Geographic Stores carry KANO in Australia) on the same day

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