Alita: Battle Angel does a post SDCC panel to drop it’s new Trailer


SDCC is definitely over for 2018 (if you don’t believe us go check out all the announcements in our Day One, Two, Three and Final Day wrap ups) but James Cameron didn’t seem to get that message in doing a full panel live streamed on Facebook and releasing a new trailer for his film with Robert Rodriguez overnight.

Based on the Manga series Gunnm (or Gun Dream) and adapted to anime for North America, the main character Alita is a cyborg who is trying to rediscover her memories set future cyberpunk world. Taking elements from all 4 of the first books the film was originally planned for this month the film has now moved to release later this year.

If you have the time you can watch the full Q&A panel here which does not include many giant revelations but does answer a lot of the submitted fan questions (including that the film does leave open to more films based on the series) but you came for CGI action then you can watch the full trailer below.

Alita: Battle Angel is due in Australian cinemas on Boxing Day, December 26th this year