Zero Latency Brisbane adds Longer Sessions and Off Peak Prices


If you are in Brisbane but haven’t been to Zero Latency, the fully immersive multiplayer VR gaming experience yet then now is the perfect time to kick game night up to 11.

One of the few fully owned Zero Latency sites with multiple around the world (and Melbourne), we first checked out the Brisbane Zero Latency on preview night and we were blown away with how good it was. While Brisbane does not have all the games available to the Melbourne site we were able to try most of the games available including the Zombie Survival and in another session the space station exploring/robot blasting Singularity which is one of the longest games.

But if like us you have tried Zero Latency and your big complain was that it was over too soon then good news as the Brisbane location has doubled play session lengths as it introduces Off Peak pricing with longer gaming sessions. Available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Off Peak pricing also means that a session might be more affordable for some moving it from a treat to something more regular as your scores can keep track of your scores across multiple sessions.

Zero Latency is open in Brisbane with off peak sessions available for booking now, if you can’t make it to Brisbane then the Melbourne location is also an option. And while you might not get off peak sessions you will just have to comfort yourself with the larger catalogue of games.