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When Ant-Man first hit cinemas it came with some trepidation from MCU fans, not just because of Ant-Man being a relatively unknown character with the controversy that the 12th instalment to the MCU brought.

Originally helmed by Cornetto Trilogy/Baby Driver/Scott Pilgrim director Edgar Wright, the also script writer left the project early over some fairly public creative differences. The resulting film, taken over by Peyton Reed, went on to surprise everyone and personally is in our top 5 films for the MCU and almost immediately green lighting a sequel. Now 19 films into the MCU and in pretty bad shape after Infinity War and Thanos, so will the more lighthearted Ant-Man and The Wasp size up to the original? (That is our only Ant-Man pun we promise)

If you haven’t seen the first film then go ahead and do that now, we can wait. BUT if you haven’t we can actually give you all the background you need walking into the sequel without spoiling anything from the main plot of the original (which is rare).

In the first movie we see the original Ant-Man Hank Pym pass the mantle to recently released from prison thief, Scott Lang. You can see the first film for all this background what you should know is – In the first film we learn about the original Wasp who is Hank’s wife and his daughter Hope’s mother who was lost when she shrank to the microscopic realm known as the Quantum Realm (a reality where all concepts of time and space become irrelevant).

This plus the stress of wearing the suit has resulted in Hank Pym unable to use his Ant-Man suit (and not wanting to put his only daughter Hope in danger) and so Scott Lang becomes Ant-Man despite Hope’s objection. Scott helps Hank steal his life’s work from some less than ideal individuals, lessons learned, adventures had, etc etc. and Hank learns to trust Hope. We even get a look at the prototype Wasp suit as part of the end credits sequences we know and love from Marvel movies.

After a brief appearance in Captain America: Civil War that sees Scott becoming an Avenger before being put in ‘The Raft’, along with Cap’s Avengers including Falcon. Plus a brief mention in Infinity War as to cutting a deal along with Hawkeye, this brings us up to the present. Mostly.

Taking place 2 years after the events of Civil War (but before Infinity War) we pick up with Scott under house arrest as part of his plead deal with Hank and Hope on the run due to their involvement with the exotic tech (the Ant-Man suit) under the Sokovia Accords. After a brief recap of the important parts of the first movie (which we mentioned above) we learn that Scott’s brief trip to and back from the Quantum Realm has changed everything with Hank suggesting that his Wife/Hope’s mum might still be alive.

And without going too much into spoiling details this is pretty much what is at the heart of the latest chapter. Where the first movie was a heist movie this new instalment joins Hank/Hope while they are on the run, staying under the FBI radar while trying to build a gateway to the Quantum Realm. And of course Scott is pulled into it not long after.

With legitimate resources cut off Hank/Hope have turned to black market dealers to complete their work. Switching gears from Pym Particles to Quantum research quickly puts a target on Hank’s work attracting not only the black market dealers but a new quantum power based villain ‘The Ghost’ (who in the comics is more well known for annoying Iron Man).

Following is a race for time as Hank/Hope/Scott balance avoiding the FBI, getting the technology they need to save Hope’s mum from the Quantum realm and fighting off The Ghost & an assortment of bad guys. Something that is made a lot easier with Hope’s new Wasp suit in which she kicks all sorts of ass.

So should you go see it? Yes. Let’s face it, if you are on this site and reading this review you already have made your mind up and we have to say we fully support your choice of sites you go to and movies you see. If you are looking for another Ant-Man heist movie you are going to be disappointed, then again a rehash of the first movie would not really live up to the original anyway. But if you loved the action sequences and shrinking tech then you are going to get a hell of a lot more of that.

Now we just have Captain Marvel to go before Infinity War Part 2.

Ant-Man and the Wasp is in cinemas across Australia from today.

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