How to use your Original GameCube Controllers with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


One of the big announcements of this year’s E3 was most definitely new Super Smash Bros heading to the Nintendo Switch later this year featuring ever character who has ever appeared in the franchise but also something special for every former GameCube owner out there.

Among the in-depth run through of the game it was also revealed that the new Switch edition of the game will support a brand new GameCube controller. Modelled after the original controller the new controller from what we can tell is nearly identical to the original controller with one key difference, USB.

While not surprising given the connections the Nintendo Switch supports this might be a blow to anyone who was hoping to use their lucky Wario GameCube controller (sorry Wario). But thanks to our talks with Nintendo Australia about the new game announcement we have found a solution.

Going back to just before the Switch with the Wii-U the Switch will support your GameCube Controller on the Switch but much the same way as the Wii-U. This is however only possible via the Nintendo GameCube Controller Adapter which you can now only pick up second hand.

In the case of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate providing you connect the GameCube Controller Adapter to the Switch Dock while running the game in TV Mode you should have no problems using your original GameCube controllers. With the new game due out in early December the only problem you are going to have now is tracking one of these down.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available for preorder now ahead of it’s December 7th release.