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When the first Incredibles hit cinemas it was Pixar’s 6th film after being acquired by Disney. Toy Story had already gotten a sequel and we had been introduced to the worlds of Monsters Inc. and had found Nemo so Pixar gave us what we really wanted to see on the big screen, Superheroes.

Releasing in 2004 this was a full 4 years before Tony Stark built an arc reactor in a cave with a bunch of scraps. This was the era of Hellboy and the first X-Men trilogy but it was also the era of Catwoman and Ang Lee’s Hulk. In short Superheroes on the big screen were not always Super-heroic being more adaptions and interpretations then making superheroes beacons of hope.

If you aren’t familiar with the first film we will give you a rough catch up so spoilers are ahead but if you really haven’t seen the film it does still stand up and is definitely worth the watch before you see the second. Still with us? Ok you were warned.

In the first film we meet strongman Mr Incredible (voiced by Craig T. Nelson) while being, well a Superhero. Over the course of the first night we see him save a train, foil a robbery and save someone jumping off a roof in a suicide attempt (actually pretty dark stuff for Pixar) before marrying the Stretch-Armstrong of Supers, Elastigirl (voiced by Helen Hunter). Fast forward a few years and the jumper sued Mr. Incredible forcing supers to be made illegal as the government puts them all into hiding.

Now a family of supers, Mr Incredible (who happens to be super strong), Elastigirl (who is super stretchy), their daughter Violet (who can turn invisible and create force-fields), their son Dash (who is super fast) and baby Jack Jack make them basically the Fantastic Four powers but switching out the Human Torch for the Flash. Except without being able to be super Mr Incredible has a midlife crisis and unknowingly accepts a job from a Supervillian.

Fast forward to defeating the villain and going from a slightly dysfunctional family to more comfortable with themselves the film ends with a giant boring machine coming up from the ground with ‘The Underminer’ monologue’ing his siege on the city. And that, is exactly where the second film picks up.

While the first film was an awesome superhero movie it still had a core focus on the family and secret identity side with how superhero’ing impacted the secret identity side as Bob’s new job took centre stage. In the sequel we get that same balance but this time it’s Elastigirl who is in front with a new job to bring Supers back, with Mr Incredible being the stay at home dad.

The new films is definitely a follow on from the first and when we say this is where the second film starts we really mean it. You could watch these films back to back without a break in the action. With all of the original voice cast returning (including 2 eye’d Nick Fury, Samuel L Jackson), original writer/director Brad Bird this just feels like a continuation of the first with everything from the action to the pacing feeling familiar and as in balance as the first.

Honestly, if you have seen the first film and loved it you really have a pretty good handle on the second as it is definitely a continuation of the first. Extra points if you played the 2005 “Rise of the Underminer” game but that will only see you through the first 10-15 minutes of the film.

So should you go see it? If you loved the first firm then you don’t need us to answer that as you probably have already worked out exactly what session you are going to see and maybe even just reading this as you wait for the next one. This is classic Pixar in fine form and even if you can pick the subtle differences in animation between 2004 and 2018 these just feel like they go together. While you can enjoy the film if you haven’t seen the first, it would be like walking in halfway through a movie.

The Incredibles 2 is out in cinemas across Australia right now.

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