Prepare for the Battle of the Arcade

Battle of the Arcades Design by Moonshine Madness

Do you currently hold the high score on your favourite Arcade? Have you been approached by an alien named Centauri to save the planet Rylos? Do you want your name on a really awesome trophy and have unlimited arcade gaming for a year? If you said yes to at least to two out of three of these questions then this week might be your week.

If you are a master retro arcade gamer then this week is your chance to qualify for the largest Arcade Tournaments in Australia, the first ever Battle of the Arcades! While winning this competition will not give you control of the OASIS, it is the first competition of it’s size within Australia. This weekend, Arcades across Australia will holding trials to find champions to represent their Arcade.

How does it work? As mentioned, this weekend Arcades in almost every state will be holding qualifiers for the following games. From the high scorers, a team of 8 will be put together to play as representatives for that state/arcade. The line up of qualifier games from the official line up via Netherworld are:

Selection of individuals for each team will be done by each of the venues, but if you are able to get to a qualifier this weekend you will be able to try out. Participating Arcade/Barcades include:

Western AustraliaPlayer 1
QueenslandNetherworld, 1-Up Arcade and Pincadia
VictoriaPixel Alley
New South Wales1989 Arcade, Bar & Kitchen

Due to unforeseen circumstances Gameroom Essentials in South Australia has had to drop out but there is always next year (and an excuse to practice up at the Gameroom in the meantime).

Those who are selected to represent their Arcade will then go on to compete on Sunday, where each arcade will compete against the others in ranked play/one game best game challenge. The arcade with the highest combined team rank will then win the ultimate bragging rights and the single player with the highest individual ranking nationwide to win the Grand Prize.

Final scores will be published live as they come in but if you aren’t able to get to your local Arcade to support your team you can also watch it live via the Netherworld Twitch channel.

It is on this weekend so make sure you clear your schedule and maybe work a few rounds in before hand while listening to Eye of the Tiger for your chance for a full year’s worth of bragging rights.

For more details contact your local participating Arcade/Barcade.