As part of our maker series we will be bringing you some of the best builds from around the country. From Cosplay to Props to just plain cool we are going to be talking to makers about their latest projects to inspire you to take on that ambitious build of your own.

Iron Man Suits are always impressive by Canberra’s Builds by Baz took it one set further not only building a full Mark IV suit from Iron Man 2 but making it out of Steel.

So tell us a little more about your build, what is it? Why did you decide to build it?

The Steel Iron Man suit. My son was born nearly 3 months premature. I saw what life in hospitals was like for a lot of kids. When I saw Halo and Star Wars cosplayers on the internet raising money and doing good things for kids I wanted to do the same. I picked Iron Man because of the technicality of it.

What is it made of?

.95mm cold-rolled mild steel sheet. Rust protected, padded, painted and filled with all manner of electronics, mechanised faceplate, video glasses and camera, sound and lighting.

How long did it take you to build? Can you tell us a little more about the build?

3 years, not including previous attempt in fibreglass and prototype in cardboard. The steel was cut with hand aviation snips then folded, beaten with hammers, dollys, shot-bags and all kinds of other shaping methods. The sections were all MIG welded together then fine tuned with hand and power tools.

I enlisted the help of an expert to wire up the electronics and program the Arduinos inside before I installed them all. I also had an expert machinist help me with the arc reactor. My part in that was planning, advice and consulting, then installation and lighting.

Was this your first build?

First costume build yes.

How much did this build set you back?

Hundreds of dollars. Not to mention a lot of sacrifice of other things due to the time required to devote to the build. There are always hidden costs to serious builds.

Any protips you can share after making this or maybe stuff you learnt that you intend to use on another build?

Don’t listen to naysayers, have patience for the endless stream of repetitive and stupid questions and time-wasters. Take encouragement from all those wonderful people out there who advise and support your build.

Share your build, especially your mistakes with the prop making community and the lessons learned from them. Listen to advice of those who have been there before. Don’t get too proud and don’t be arrogant or a smart arse to those just starting out. Help them like you would like to be helped.

If someone wants to find out more about your build or how to make their own where can they find out more?

My website, and I’m also on Facebook.

If you are in Canberra don’t be surprised if you see Iron Man in the Children’s ward or as part of Starlight Day at your local EB/Zing. And Builds by Baz is already working on something even bigger for his next build.

If you are interested in finding out more or maybe building your own suit don’t forget to check the full album on the Builds By Baz Steel Iron Man Group on Facebook and for more reference details the full project build log on the OCAU Forums.

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