Twitch to screen a Classic Doctor Who Marathon starting next week!


Yes, it’s finally happening. After Bob Ross and the Power Rangers, Doctor Who is next on the Twitch marathon lineup and it starts in less than a week!

From the 4 AM AEST the Twitch Presents channel will screen 3 classic episodes 3 times a day (at 4 AM, 9:51 AM and 3:42 PM AEST time) from May 30th until July 24rd, just shy of 2 months. The marathon will play every classic Doctor Who episode (sorry no lost episodes specials) from The Three Doctors to Tomb Of The Cybermen to Planet Of The Daleks in full for your streaming pleasure.

That means short of the 1996 Doctor Who Movie and all of Nu-Who currently on Netflix you can binge just about every Doctor Who episode ever before we see the latest regeneration later this year (which does not currently have a air date but we are now expecting one to be incoming soon on the back of this announcement).

For the full schedule with all the episode names and times you can check the Doctor Who official site but you might have to set your alarm pretty early to watch these daily before you have to start your day.