Thanos is coming… to Fortnight


Yes the Mad Titan is coming to Fortnight’s Battle Royale but for a limited time only.

Announced overnight via the Fortnight Twitter before an exclusive with it was revealed that Thanos, in possession of the Reality Stone would be able to jump to Fortnight for a limited time event starting ‘tomorrow’. This is pretty huge but it was also revealed that Infinity War directors, the Russo Brothers, are huge Fortnight Fans so when the opportunity came up they jumped at it.

The actual game play will consist of the Battle Royale mode that you know and love with 100 players coming down to just one remaining but with one slight difference that the Infinity Gauntlet will be in play. The Gauntlet will have all 6 Infinity Stones with whoever possessing it being transformed into Thanos will all the accompanying powers the Gauntlet will allow.

The event is expected to begin right after the v4.1 patch downtime which is scheduled to begin at 0800 GMT (10 PM AEST Tuesday night).

Update – Here is the official launch video from Epic Games