Why you should be watching Westworld


What is it?

Westworld is the HBO (same US Network as Game of Thrones) TV series based on the novel by Jurassic Park author, Michael Crichton (who also directed the 1973 film adaption by the same name). In it’s heart Westworld is a series centred in the near future where humans are able to live out their fantasies in a Wild West themed Theme Park. From exploring to quests to just shooting and sex, guests are able to do whatever they want with the hosts who are Blade Runner level robots.

Wait, What?

Oh yes, everyone is a Robot. Well almost everyone. Well some of them. Look we aren’t quite sure and that’s part of what makes the series so good. While there are many characters most of the story jumps between the roaming cowboy Teddy, the damsel Dolores, the Man in Black, Bernard and Ford (oh and Ford is played by Odin himself, Anthony Hopkins and Valkyrie aka Tessa Thompson is also in it).

Most of your time watching the series is going to be spent forming theories as to if what you are currently watching is happening in the present, or the past. And as you may have guessed you are going to spend some time wondering if everyone you are watching is actually a human or a host. This is one of those series that even with only 10 episodes in the first season you will find yourself with theory board with so many connecting strings you may need to buy shares in a yarn company.

The story tends to bounce between what is going on in the park and the levels of chaos behind the scenes that slowly cooks away until boiling point and then well… Let’s be honest, being from Jurassic Park creator Michael Crichton you can probably guess what happens. He must of been scarred by theme parks as a child.

How do I get into it?

Season Two of Westworld is starting on Foxtel on the 23rd of April continuing nearly two years after Season One which aired in 2016. Season One has been playing on Foxtel recently to binge catching up but if you don’t have Foxtel it is available on iTunes, Google Play, and the PlayStation/XBox Stores and S2 will be too as soon as each episode comes out. Much like Game of Thrones.

If you get through season one and you REALLY can’t handle all the twists and turns, the show creators actually took to Reddit ahead of Season Two to drop all the plot for Season Two ahead of time. This was a little bit of a stunt but was intended to help online moderators to police what is a spoiler and what isn’t.

Even if you don’t want to spoil it as you watch you may want to bookmark to read later as Season Two looks to take you down the conspiracy theory route even further. With the second season trailer already having hidden QRCodes that link to actual websites.

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Get it if you like…

Robots, Full Frontal Nudity, Cowboys, haunting Covers of modern songs played on a mechanical keyboard that you will probably have to Google after watching each episode because you can’t place it or get it out of your head and Robot Samurais.