Free Tickets to Infinity War have been hidden across Australia


With Infinity War only a week away everyone is looking to get their tickets for this event 10 years in the making. And it looks like the Australian Marvel Marketing office is leading the way again.

You might remember their work with Ant-Man putting tiny billboards up around the country as part of a viral marketing campaign to promote the movie. Now they are at it again but this time they are giving away free tickets which are hidden behind posters across Australia.

First discovered today (Tuesday) but Redditer /u/chrischar66 in Brisbane single tickets are hidden behind posters of Thanos taunting you. When peeled away a hidden ticket is revealed leaving another poster behind. You can only find them behind the posters of Thanos daring you to remove him do not randomly start ripping down awesome Infinity War posters in hopes of hidden tickets.

Being a secret campaign we don’t know how wide spread it is but we fully expect it to include all major capital cities like the Ant-Man and other ANZ Marvel marketing has before.

So get out and hunt down those posters and let us know in the comments down below if you find one. But don’t worry if you don’t because Infinity War is only a week away.