Submissions are Open for Geek Society 2019 Calendar supporting Beyondblue


Yes, we are doing it again but this time you could be in it.

In 2017 our first calendar featured 12 Cosplayers from around Australia to raise money for SmartPups, the Autism and Seizure related syndrome Assistance Dogs. Last year we upped the ante with more than double the number of Cosplayers to produce our 2018 Calendar raising money for Beyondblue. And for our 2019 calendar we are doing it again for Beyondblue but this time we want to hear from you.

April 2017 by Duckworth Photography

From today we are opening up for submissions for our 2019 Charity Calendar with all proceeds going to benefit Beyondblue and the work that they do. We are encouraging Cosplayers (and Photographers) from across Australia to submit for their image to be selected for next years edition.

What Can I Submit?

Ok, slow down cowpoke there are some conditions for submitting images. All images are also subject to final approval by our charity partner, as such you may want to consider this with the images you submit. Avoid glamorising sex, violence, drug use or gambling as a general rule.

All images are required to be 300 DPI or greater. Watermarks should be provided but the image for use in the calendar should be available without the watermark that can be added as part of the print process. Calendars are also landscape so landscape images are what you should submit (so rotate that camera 90 degrees).

What sort of Images are you looking for?

April 2018 by Robert Holcombe Photography

In our 2017 and 2018 calendars we have a collection of images from Cosplayers from across the country with each month tending to relate to something happening that month. While 2019 is a still a bit away and it’s hard to know everything happening there are a few things that we do know.

If you want to up your chances of selection try to feature more than one Cosplayer to make your picture less posing and more of a scene. Here are a few suggestions of things relevant in 2019:

January – Hellboy

February – Bride of Frankenstein, X-Men: Dark Phoenix

March – Captain Marvel

April – Shazam, Avengers: Infinity War Part II

May – Star Wars IX, May the 4th

June – Toy Story 4

July – Spider-Man Homecoming 2, E3/Video Gaming

August – International Sailor Moon Day, International Cosplay Day

September – Nothing yet, something will probably be announced by SDCC

October – Halloween, One Piece 20th Anniversary, The Crow remake

November – Wonder Woman 2

December – Masters of the Universe, International Dalek Rememberance Day, Christmas

These are only suggestions of things that are happening in 2019 with no doubt more being announced over the next few months. You don’t have to follow these suggestions and if you have your own ideas we are happy to hear from you.

Legal Stuff

May 2017 by Volk Photography

While we encourage and love Cosplayers of all ages we do need to ensure that all Cosplayers are 18 years and over, so they are able to sign a release for the use of the image as part of the calendar. A release will also be required to be signed by the photographer of the image so make sure everyone is OK for this to be used for this purpose.

No submission costs or fees are being asked for as part of submitting for or being in the calendar if selected. However no costs for the photo will be reimbursed and all proceeds raised from the calendar will be going to the named charity.

How to Submit

Submissions are open right now. You can submit an image if you have one or if it’s something that requires a little planning then you can always contact us about the concept. We can provide a small amount of assistance with getting permission from locations if that is something that is needed as we have done for previous year shoots.

July 2018 by Robert Holcombe Photography

All months for the calendar will be confirmed by August 1st with the final images to be submitted ready for printing prep by August 31st which is a drop dead date.

To submit send us an email to [email protected] with the subject of “2019 Calendar”. You can also send any questions via email, social media or in the comments down below.