This Week in Games: Apr 9 – 14


Indie Metal Rythmn shoot em ups to new Call of Duty DLC to plenty of VR, there is tons to add to your growing game library this week. But before we get to the full list, here are your highlights:

CoD owners looking to get back into Call of Duty WWII can pickup the second DLC pack this Tuesday with The War Machine DLC. Adding three new multiplayer maps, a war mode mission and more Nazi Zombies, this might entice you back for some more Call of Duty first on PlayStation 4.

If you need some VR after watching Ready Player One for the nth time then Time Carnage might help you out with some time travelling fixed point shooting. Robots, Zombies, Mutants and Dinosaurs are what you have to look forward to in the virtual space when it comes out on Tuesday for PSVR owners and for Vive/Rift/Mixed Reality via Steam on Wednesday.

Also on Wednesday combine Shoot ‘Em Ups with Heavy Metal and Rhythm games and what do you get? Double Kick Heroes out on Steam is what. This Pixel side scrolling shooter has you survive 30 levels as you hit the notes and mow down the monsters chasing you down. Oh and it has a pretty Metal soundtrack of Indie Bands.

Thursday brings the latest from the makers behind Heavenly Sword with Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. This visually striking adventure set in the Viking age has you quest as a broken Celtic warrior embarking on a vision quest into Viking Hell for the soul of her dead lover. Pick it up on XBox One this Thurday.

Friday brings something different with SpyParty on Steam. Blend in with a party as the Spy and try not to be shot by the Sniper looking inwards in this game not about taking cover but human behaviour, perception and subtle human behaviour. There is also an online mode where it is Spy vs Online Sniper with a single shot.

Honourable Mention: Another VR title this week with Dead Ground: Arena being our honorable mention. With a large variety of weapons to use this game looks like a lot of fun, but why it is our honourable mention this week? Because it is also a the arena mode (and preview) for the upcoming FPS VR Dead GroundZ. It’s out for Vive and the Rift on Friday via Steam.

If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

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Pathosis (Steam)
NeoSticks (Steam)
30 days to survive (Steam)

Call of Duty: WWII – The War Machine (PS4)
Extinction (PS4/XB1)
Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs (PS4)
Skyforge: Grovewalker (PS4)
Time Carnage (PSVR)
Masters of Anima (XB1)
Wheelz2 (Steam)
Super Weekend Mode (Steam)
ReThink | Evolved 2 (Steam)
Among the Dead (Steam)
Griefer (Steam)
Achievement Hunter: Cat (Steam)
Darts and Friends (Steam)
JQ: chemistry (Steam)
Organosphere (Steam)
Crazy Science: Long Run (Steam)
Tetripank (Steam)
Nuclear 2050 (Steam)
Prim Rogue (Steam)
Amorous (Steam)
The Protocons (Steam)
Confederate Express (Steam)
Zombie Grenades Practice (Steam VR)
Mussoumano: Ataque dos Haters (Steam)
Super Daryl Deluxe (Steam)
Epic Car Factory
Time-Crosser:Joan of arc(时空穿越者——贞德传) (Steam)
Extinction (Steam)
Suncore Chronicles: The Tower (Steam)
Star-Pit Starship (Steam)

Owlboy (XB1)
Robocraft Infinity (XB1)
Time Carnage (Steam VR)
Clicker Planet (Steam)
Mama Farm (Steam)
Masters of Anima (Steam)
X-Town 3D game (Steam)
ASCII Game Series: Maze (Steam)
Downbreak (Steam)
En Tactico (Steam)
Dark Rose Valkyrie (Steam)
Reboant – Endless Dawn (Steam VR)
Naturallandscape – Grand Canyon (自然景观系列-美国大峡谷) (Steam VR)
Samba Shooter (Steam)
Top Punch (Steam)
在这个世界的尽头,你与我被遗忘的传说(In the world end, You and me the forget’s legend) (Steam)
Secret Little Haven (Steam)
Melancholy Republic (Steam)
The Amazing Bernard (Steam)
Maelstrom (Steam)
Double Kick Heroes (Steam)

Bombslinger (XB1)
Ys Origin (XB1)
Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice (XB1)
Earthlock: Festival of Magic (XB1)
Deep Ones (XB1)
MineSweeper (Steam)
Caveman Stories (Steam)
Pure Rock Crawling (Steam)
Solar Wind (Steam)
Maxi Pool Masters VR (Steam VR)
Death Toll (Steam)
Sci-fi Chess (Steam)
BEKKOUAME / 鳖口糖 (Steam)
Hungry Fish Evolution (Steam)
Legend Knight (Steam)
REVOLT 1917 (Steam)
Zig (Steam)
Stack & Crack (Steam)
Time Skip (Steam)

Penny Punching Princess (Switch)
The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2 (PS4)
Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs (XB1)
Nova Wing II (Steam)
Castle Clamber (Steam)
SpyParty (Steam)
Overchunked (Steam)
Broken Ground (Steam)
Dead In Vinland (Steam)
Vandals (Steam)
Cyber Fight (Steam)
Dungeons of the dead (Steam)
Abnormal world: season one (Steam)
Riverhill Trials (Steam)
Puzzle With Your Friends (Steam)
Double Turn (Steam)
Laws of Machine (Steam)
Who’s in the Box? (Steam)
Lords of Kingdoms (Steam)
Chineze (Steam)
Supipara – Chapter 2 Spring Has Come! (Steam)
Startup Freak (Steam)
The Road to Hades (Steam VR)
Broken Ties (Steam)
Blonde Driver (Steam)
PositronX (Steam)
Solas and the White Winter (Steam)
Captive (Steam)
Dead Ground:Arena (Steam VR)
Germination (Steam)

Time Tenshi Paradox: Episode 2 (Steam)
Sleepwalker (Steam)
Super Saurio Fly (Steam)
Amberskull (Steam)
Dimension of Monster Girls (Steam)
Build Wars (Steam)
HYKEE – Episode 1: Underwater (Steam VR)
Inhumanus (Steam VR)
Archer’s story (Steam)
Raptainment (Steam)
Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle (Steam)
The Wranglers (Steam)
Hiveswap Friendsim (Steam)
Ather: Chapter 1 (Steam)
Final Battle (Steam)
Twilight on Yulestead (Steam)
Another Brick in Space (Steam)
Baptize Billy (Steam)
The Great Escape (Steam)
Tunnel B1 (Steam)
Last Rites (Steam)
Central Intelligence (Steam)
ELF (Steam)
Pushover (Steam)
Achievement Clicker 2019 (Steam)
OniBushi VR (Steam VR)
Where Time Stood Still (Steam)
Dueling Dungeon (Steam)
Age of Giants (Steam)
ARK -the lost fairytale- (Steam)
Hotel Spring (Steam)
Bustories (Steam)
Porcuball (Steam)